Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A snapshot

With the cat on my lap stopping me watch what passes as a test match I have little left to do but pop in here. Then I suppose I'll check the stats in case anyone read my last entry. Christmas was better than for a few years, though most was recorded there were some decent TV programmes at last, and just returned from dinner at my grandmas. Tomorrow is one appointment then dinner at my mum so nothing to make me wonder what to do. Wednesday is planned sunglasses day (and first day my bifocals may arrive). It'll be nice to see clearly again so am looking forward to it. The a trip to Wembley to take photos of another railway line. Solitary pursuits mainly but keep me occupied.

Blogger seems to be working now though I need to redirect the login manually it gets me there eventually. Then in a couple of weeks the new computer arrives, 3 times faster than this and Intel chip this time. And a Windows CD if you know what I mean. I have 4-6 people coming new year's eve, something of a tradition since the last 2 places I went to are no longer available. I'd like one of the prospective women on my list to come but she has no transport and would probably not want to bother, plus my other friends would probably embarrass her with comments about getting it on with me. Probably better to wait and see her privately. London can be such a shit place with distances being expanded by 10 compared to travelling outside, if you drive 10 miles into London it can take the same time as driving from here to Birmingham, I've done it and am so put off wasting time waiting to get to places I rarely bother now and just avoid the areas altogether. I know more and more people who if they meet people in difficult areas just don't bother with them. Why the hell we should live in a society where despite hardly anyone we know being around full stop, then having to restrict who we see by location as it's so hard to get around? Talk about middle ages, it is now no easier to travel round London than it was with horses. It's not just me, the tougher it gets the more people add to the list of frustration.

I really need something to change and unfortunately these sort of changes come as miracles when they do. 14 years of living alone has become less easy to tolerate rather than used to it, as I really see no end without a miracle and don't see why when so many others are alone they should have to at all. There is little worse than insoluble problems, especially when you've been used to having the sort of intellect that can solve problems better than most. When you then come across one you and others know is beyond any help it's like losing your legs. How many people haven't been satisfied with a situation to the extent of solving it? Or at least doing everything they could in case they could. Mythology is full of impossible tasks and whether or not there is a god there's a situation or 3 thousand round here that I do not find necessary or helpful. Am I alone here?

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