Sunday, December 24, 2006

Why do I bother?

I suppose progress has been made, my PC has been checked and the verdict was 'dustbin'. After 3 years only the hard drive will remain, the rest being replaced by a top of the range inside next month when the shop reopens. Three times the speed and RAM, so worth the expense I suppose. Otherwise researching blogging continues, I am still uncertain what's happened and whether it's a terminal decline or just me. So due to a little extra finance I was able to do a bit of internet shopping, and other, so I am now waiting for a number of items all delayed due to the holidays:
1 pair of new bifocal lenses, a CD, new bolts for my office chair, a new computer, a replacement DVD burner (not needed now, will ask for credit) and also a meeting with someone I met online. Then once the shop reopens on Wednesday hopefully get my new sunglasses. I may have forgotten more but that's a lot more than usual to wait for. No more shopping plans now, almost all the remaining items that aren't here already weren't by choice, the computer is falling apart and my eyes have changed so those expenses are unavoidable. And as I always follow up these things are fun but don't take the place of people. Nothing will ever replace the value of other people around which I will remind everyone whenever I can. Once you've got people around then the items add to the quality of life but on their own are extras.

I had to go out relatively early today as the gym closed at 3 so by the time I got back was happy to do bugger all the rest of the day, and there is less (actually nothing) on TV than I'd ever come across before. It wasn't even turned on most of the day and there's only tripe on now as background. But unlike the last few years Christmas Day is showing new and decent programmes again which nowadays is all there is to do then. No family stuff besides my dad and grandma and that's all. No traditional dinner either as my grandma is too old to make it but we have to go there as she can't travel too far- she'll be 97 in February and no worse for wear.
So, if I stopped doing this for a few weeks would anyone notice? Since I've been checking hardly anyone's still writing here anymore. Life goes on every day so why have so many people stopped reporting it? I don't find other people's stories become boring after a while, they are as interesting as the people are, like soap operas, and go on indefinitely. Well mine does anyway. But if I'm writing soon for an audience of zero (in a few weeks at this rate) I will carry on as if not what will I do with all these ideas (no comments please).

Well, new blogger worked today so maybe it's fixed or just prefers the laptop. Pity I haven't got more to write but besides a N2 postcode photo trip yesterday, following the NW11 last Saturday, there's not a lot more to report. I can usually just get blood out of a stone but only so much, sorry.

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