Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Love actually, while I write.

Having not left the house all day you'd think I'd have nothing to write about, but even if I was inj an iron lung I'd find a way somehow. Well a) I was working most of the afternoon and b) the people checking my computer have now told me, in their best Bombay Welsh, that they can't find anything wrong with it. It appears to be jamming because it doesn't like my peripherals (their view) or they are lazy tossers who only know how to install secondhand parts as new and wipe hard disks. I will see when it returns tomorrow as they were convinced to check it again before I waste my time.
Now some authorities would castrate you for using terms such as Bombay Welsh, but as a presenter recently pointed out, the more PC the authorities get the more people will rebel as a result, just to create some balance. But this is my blog and compared to the tripe I've had to delete as comments I can never offer any true nastiness, mine is for entertainment and never to have a go at anyone.

So besides a bit of work I've been forced to watch lots of TV. Manchester Utd first half, before Love Actually at 9pm which I will return to in 10 minutes. Too soon to pass judgement but semi reasonable with a bit too much padding so far. And I can swear better than they do even though I usually don't. Except here apparently. Tomorrow is collect the computer unless they actually find a fault day, and probably take it back again Friday as I see in my crystal ball the black screen of doom as soon as I turn it on. Logically if they don't fix it it'll carry on going wrong. Lucky it's not a car as I'd be dead now from it cutting out at Brent Cross and getting squashed by a coach. The sole benefit besides reloading Windows so it works properly was the shopping I do on the way back. Cakes next, by the way, though the 4 pounds I gained once I hit about 10 stone from relaxing has got to come off again, and not by eating cakes. It comes back literally in a couple of weeks though it took years to remove, except when I had chicken pox, but that's a bit out of the usual.

In case you didn't notice I just installed a popularity button on my index for readers to press if they like this. I've no idea how it works as if you press more than one it may register each one and cancel each out, but that's not for me to worry about. If it gets new readers it works. Not wanting to tempt fate I will say I have spoken to someone again after a long time, but only for a minute. It's a start though but I never want to guess ahead where nothing's happened yet. After a year of chronic fatigue, the return of my anxiety and failure of old tablets to be digested have meant any new relationship will be working on thin ice until and unless the recipient/participant is more interested in me than any health problems. I'm not talking to ghosts or avoiding black cabs in street, I'm just unable to do many of the things I could until maybe I can. Whoever it is will just have to take me as I am, just as I have in the past for others. Who knows.

So, the film's just finished, quite inspirational I suppose, and got there in the end, and showed a good example to everyone how they could make things so much easier than all the fiddling around most people take. Get in there and don't waste time. If you like someone let them know, go for it. I always believed in the simple approach and it may have been a film but was all possible. Anyone who saw it tonight or before should know what I'm talking about. Including one for me I hope.

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