Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Adrian Mole

Fuck me, my life's become so sad I'm about to post a page just like Adrian Mole's journal. Well I once said he'd probably play me in a film when asked so there was probably a similarity already. And he never got the girl either...

So, today was the totally free day I didn't know how I'd fill yesterday. I was pretty tired for a number of reasons so was a lot less active than I could have been, looked through my books for a picture to paint, and as I couldn't find one called my mum and went to borrow her book of Italy and had dinner as a result. I came back early as she was going out, and am just about to start a view of Rome which will appear here as usual once it's finished, but is a larger one to be submitted to a proper large gallery next.
Apart from that it's been the usual trivial phone calls and legal problems people like me to help with though I never actually qualified... I'm currently listening to a Chazan (Jewish cantor) sing apparently random biblical songs as I searched for a particular one and it came with the whole lot. I don't remember hearing it when I loaded it so am hoping I'll recognise a few more in the half-hour recording. I'm also still working my way through learning the Abba song book on the piano and am far more fluent in over half of them, as well as playing them in the proper keys at last. Simon and Garfunkel is next (much harder though) and then probably Paul McCartney.
Well, tomorrow is free till I see a friend in the evening, then I'm staying at my grandma's as she's due out of hospital in the morning. That'll save me getting near the computer when I've got nothing to write about...

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