Wednesday, November 16, 2005

As I'm here...

I'm just about to go to bed, but I needn't be up/do anything tomorrow so thought, go on, write something first. Of course given a choice I'd be having sex but until that day happens this is reliable and that isn't. And with broadband I don't even have to dial up and piss around, I just click twice and it's here. God help you all, I'll be here twice as much now, but am attempting to maintain quality despite increased quantity.

As often happens I can't mention certain people/details, I've been read and stitched up before, though so far not apparently by anyone local though if they were that interested they could look. I suppose people round here have heard it all already so why read it as well? Little do they realise I add things here about people I dare not reveal to most as some things can get back, but here it's not that easy to pin down identities and details. And while all events are in the speculation stage like many other world news stories that aren't it's not worse ruffling any feathers over many issues that'll never even happen. If they do I'll spread it all over the net, though hopefully ask some of the people involved first. Meanwhile the few people I know with computers use the net for such different things to me they read my sites and never appear to return. Even when I had more to do, I frequented specialist forums just as I would clubs here. It's a lot easier to find people with the same interests online than locally, and now I'm in forums simply for being part of the communities. My supernatural research is now media driven, I follow up leads I hear and see and have yet to prove one! John Hutchison's ark of the covenant died as soon as I emailed him, as his site was pulled suddenly and he's probably up to another scam as I type. That or it's true and they took him out of circulation. Either way I didn't get my story.

I no longer study enlightenment as Nick Roach really provides all the input I need. I am on a forum he linked, but just for fun rather than learn anything new. I still have sites that answer my new trivia questions and always there to answer others, and like everyone else there found online communities hooked me the day I came online. But not one of my friends bothers with them. Odd really as apart from hobbies and shopping I can't think of that much else to do besides play games which I always did from the first game of pong 35 years ago. So apart from emails no one I know ever shares any of my online communities despite all being invited. Never mind. I do make many new friends but none within visiting distance.

What else? Tomorrow is completely free, my grandma's having a week's hospital treatment as her kidney was still bleeding, and she feels a lot better now and the bleeding's stopped. She'll be home on Thursday and hope this is the end of the symptoms she's had for a year now. It looks that way and that was one of the issues I referred to yesterday. I was busy today, and bought some very interesting food all I needed to do was open a container and eat off a plate, and added Danish blue cheese I don't think I'd ever eaten before, and can definitely recommend it, though still prefer Stilton which doesn't taste quite as strongly mouldy. But added greatly to the salad. I also got what appears to be recognisably fresh fish in tins for the cat which she also appreciated. If they can do it why not all the other firms, as they apparently live a lot longer on real fish and meat like our first did who almost made 18.
The two paintings are off to the gallery this week if he's around, and maybe I'll get to see some on display as so far nobody can find them. I also finally found not one but two people to not only quote on my new kitchen but do all the other repairs, one being local and probably good enough to replace the one who disappeared. I said as soon as I heard about the new person now I'll get more people to do it- how on earth does this always happen that as soon as you get an alternative, no matter how long it took, your original problem nearly always sorts itself out. More signs of arrangement.

If I can one day find a way to control this arrangement deliberately I think I've worked and suffered enough already to deserve a relatively free ride for the rest of my time, and though Nick Roach says if we could fix it all we'd be fed up like King Midas, but just tweaking a few things within the whole picture should be OK.
Of course, sex would win the first wish to be granted, which will displease one reader at least. But whoever's read earlier reasons, it's because I haven't done things with anyone I really liked for more years than anyone would believe, and is one reason I'm so negative. Then I'd make sure I was never alone at home all the time, and though my 13 year old car is perfectly reliable I wouldn't mind something newer and a bit flash. I did nearly buy an import from Japan this year but it was so expensive from the rarity value plus import costs it was beyond a sensible offer. That alone would fix most of my gripes with the world as some other areas are already being taken care of without cheating. My creative side is fine as it is, and is slowly but surely growing with the possibility of a serious media career from three different possible sources, so the fiddling is for areas I can't just sit down and work on for results.

I'd also bring back a few of my old friends who have gone abroad or otherwised vanished so I have a little social group again, and finally if I can really go for it buy a house within a mile of where I used to live as it is a planned community and shows how easy it is to make anywhere look nice if only the builders bothered to. So really I'd be merging the life of my parents in the 70s with my own now, and have my own house and family in the same area, hopefully have children at the same school, though I am still close enough to go to all the same places I did then, especially as many are half way between the two areas. But parking is now almost impossible so I hardly ever waste my time looking for ages and walking for a mile or so just to negotiate a poor replica of the areas of the 60s and 70s. Even Hampstead Heath now has almost no parking so goodness knows how anyone can bother to go there unless they walk a mile or so before they get there. So I'd fix all that as well as apart from one bus route all the other areas aren't accessible enough to bother any more besides my old area itself which hardly has any parking restrictions except at certain times. Yet.
So when the weather's good I'll have to have lunch or tea in the park or the cafe at the top of my old road as often as possible as it may not be so easy if it follows Hampstead, Golders Green, Hendon, Preston Road, Kingsbury, Edgware, Burnt Oak, Finchley Central and Mill Hill Broadway. So far Hampstead Garden Suburb and Temple Fortune are the only places I can park in with no trouble, though Finchley Road which runs the length of Temple Fortune was where I worked for over 5 years and has now lost all but one shop with anyone I know left in it. I did go back regularly till last year as there were a few left from the old days but there's nothing to go there for at all now even though I can. Unless I live nearby again. Well, that's more a less a view of life in NW London, and how it's gradually gone downhill in the last 5 years. And there isn't a place I've seen yet that's worth going to instead either...

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