Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Following on from yesterday's dream, there are always many possibilities as long as a situation's unknown, despite the chances they are so. I'll extend every possibility from the dream in case there's even a million to one chance they may be true.

A message could be there, and in fact I was given a series of messages that can't be refuted:
1) If that situation ever enters my life it can be like that
and 2) I forgot all my other problems while I was there

That alone is positive and useful, and if that's all at least I can't ever turn round and think it can't be any good.

Beyond that, if there's a message it had to come from somewhere. So far my tests have shown me there is a universal (Akashic) record where every fact is stored and we tune in via clairvoyance. How else would I be fed names and places in dreams collected around small rural areas or obscure London roads in bunches of two or three that I'd have no reason to come across previously?

Then messages have to be sent. By someone or something. Something would be a part of my own subconscious that operates during sleep to go and get information easily which isn't so easy while awake, though possible as I do readings, but names aren't what I get while awake. I can easily get pictures though, faces and places while awake, but when asleep names come as well, and just as clearly as if watching a film. But why would it only switch on at random? Better would be I was being passed the data deliberately by someone, so we have another level of superior ability and they must be able to choose who they send the data to and what they send. They really would have to be aware of us and our thoughts (easy if you can send as you should be able to receive as well), and choose what to send and why pick a particular time and subject. If this was the case, everyone would be watched from a higher level of awareness, and subject to extremely rare and minor interventions apparently just for fine tuning, while the rest of the time the c**ts just let us rot. If they can do this, they may as well do a proper job.

Anyway, regardless of my choice of operation, they do it their way but means evolution will be moving us beyond what most consider to be the ultimate level already. Of course we can do some things, and not do many more. If even one man can move objects through will alone, we all could. These guys above can clearly do literally anything, like Q in Star Trek, and then synchronicities in my life would be put in as well during waking time just as easily as dream incidents. My parents joined the club last week, I played SOS by Abba at my mum's, she'd never heard it before, and then did the next day. That same day I was at my dad's listening to the radio and they mentioned an American film, march of the penguins. We'd never heard of it, then he turned over a page in his magazine and there was an article about it. This has been happening to me for a couple of years now, and I'm glad they've been included as I get fed up with people not believing me. And it makes each person think how the hell it can happen, like seeing a ufo and suddenly no longer being able to disbelieve despite it all defying logic.

So, if all follows on we now have entities aware of us all the time, able to send situations to us awake or asleep, and pointing to our own future evolution. If we are on that path already, we need to see what we can actually do when we have a go. I have seen a few people shit their pants metaphorically when after ten minutes training they see a drawing clearly in a sealed envelope. Some go home with the evidence they just drew and never come back. It's clearly fucked their whole concept of reality, like the coincidences, but added a level as they did it and couldn't cheat. Others come back and spend years with me doing experiments now we know they can do it. But these are children's levels. Baby stuff. I've sat at a table with a compass in front of us but never seen it twitch. Until we can at least interact with our surroundings we're powerless. There's little doubt the edges of these powers can be seen, and we need to follow them into the wholes to see their full operation.

Out of the tiny number of people who say they can do this (three by memory) I've seen them all, two twice. And out of them, one says it's a waste of time so stopped, but I have copies of paintings he did as a child in the style of masters he'd never even heard of and each completed in minutes. Just like my subject's telepathic drawings, you can't fake them and as he isn't and never was an accomplished natural artist I presume if he had been he would have carried on so as not to waste his talent. The two who did their thing convinced me, one had one dubious method but was tested personally by another researcher who checked the issue out, and made him do it her way and it still worked and he produced scented oil from his hands however the towel and sleeves were set up. He had no sleeves when I saw him, and the towel he wiped his hands on was the only unscientific element, and she took it away and he did the same thing with no sleeve to hide the oil or towel to hold it in. I can't really tell how he'd do it otherwise and he makes no money from it like Uri Geller and is almost totally unknown. If he was just after fame and money he could be as big as Uri Geller but obviously has no interest in doing so.

If the next step could be the entities showing me a little more I could make some more progress. I'm no longer young, and would like to both know some more and be able to do something with it before I'm too old to use it properly or have sufficient time. There's little point in being given the key to life and then popping off the perch, or being given great footballing skill when you're too old to run. So the next steps if present would be more useful sooner than later, I just want to know if we're not alone and what they and us can really do if allowed to do it. I've been given enough clues now and it's time the miraculous was revealed if it exists.

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