Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Yes, today all my plans worked out exactly as intended, I crammed it all into a few hours but produced what I intended to, a few which are below. Using my office as one totally (not a penny from it mind you!) it's amazing how easy it is to use a computer to collect, save and share photos. I also made a few phone and net enquiries and discovered (make a note of this guys) my TV programme is called 'The ten best ways to be abducted by aliens', I'm in episode one, and will be on the Discovery channel here and the Learning channel elsewhere in about March 2006. I still have to pretend it's not around as I have to use the time properly and not just wait, especially if little was to come from it.
I don't think there's a comparable site of North London views around (I have looked) so as mine builds up it may be fairly unique. Tomorrow is pencilled in for Golders Green, and should provide another nice bunch of obscure views of suburbia. There are (as at least one of you knows!) many more urban views, but I am totally born and bred of suburbia, 15 years of Kingsbury with 28 years of Hampstead Garden Suburb in between. The closest I'd ever go is Highgate, where my grandparents lived till I was 15 and where I was born. Of course half the properties round there go for over a million so I know what I'm doing!

As not expected (I'm not always a pessimist) the call I made received no reply, a bit of a let down but showed trying to chase people just makes them go even further away. Strike one.

Carrying on from yesterday, I also wondered if any blogs actually exist on these subjects, and if so, would they actually get cult viewings as the naffest bloody shite (eg the crazy frog when it was a racing car and hamsterdance, which I admit to actually liking as well) gets the most attention, just like TV and newspapers which cater to the people, as Stef just said, have double digit IQs and make up almost 50% of the population. Anyone want to guess mine now I mentioned it? I had it tested when I was 11 and as Mensa test at any age and retain the score I assume I haven't somehow 'grown out of it'. In fact it was a great responsibility as besides both my parents reaching almost professorial or equivalent levels, the expectations that put on me, especially as the only child and grandchild made it mean I had to produce a minimum level of performance or I'd be accused of wasting my ability. Even my law degree had no status with my grandpa, who first said on hearing the results "Well done, when are you going to get your hair cut?". I think he was being serious. Years later after teaching law ever since he always said I'd wasted it (unlike my mum, the judge) by not becoming a lawyer (feh! all I needed!). I couldn't teach law without it but that didn't register. But the drive to prove myself has been nothing but positive, except when my exam results all came in in the mid 50%s (except for one O level!) which told me whatever IQ I had I couldn't convert it into high marks whatever the hell I did. The only ones I did get was when I understood a subject so well I saw how everything fitted in together as well as simply remembering it all mechanically. So this almost dragged my degree beyond the 60% mark as I registered some major points in sociology and also jurisprudence (2nd out of 58!) but they are all averaged out, so you can imagine what I got in the rest... The only real effect was forcing me out of doing any sort of master's degree as firstly I wanted to research reasons for case decisions, which really needed an upper second, and also stopped me getting a grant so limiting my choice of courses. I ended up starting a part time sociology MA at my 'alma mater' but the two evenings a week after work put me almost on the floor after 6 weeks and financially it made more sense to give up the course than work and have two years earning nothing again. That was the only gap in my education as master's degrees are in something you've already done and are good at, and this was the first course I'd ever done I understood most of. I did switch courses to counselling but that didn't have a degree at the end of it so my MA remains only a potential.

So here are some more dedicated blog topics, do any really exist I wonder?

Fart record
Our ants nest
Nappy changing review
Loft window innovations
Our daughter's eczema
Our local ice cream vans
Puddles of the day
Car parking records of Brent Cross shopping centre
My phoneblog- a summary of all my calls
My shopping lists

I do know at least one blogger (besides me) who does a few of these already (and would more if he had a daughter with eczema) but as a gentleman I wouldn't dream of mentioning his name...


Philosopher Newport said...

i like webcams but i can't seem to see yours. i'm directed to a geocities type of page telling me that you're on after 11:pm but i never see you on at any time.

i click on your blogger profile, click on webpage, wait to be directed, arrive at your webpage, click on webcam, directed to geocities/yahoo webcam and see the following text: "You can watch David from Kingsbury here when hes online, frequently after 11pm UK time as well as Tu-Sat afternoons. "

what's up?


David said...

It's basically on the times I said in the blog reply, but if you email me or IM me directly I'll give you exact next times or tell you I'm on now and it's running. I'll edit the Yahoo site as well as it must be out of date now.