Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Odds and sods

Great and small minds think alike. I just saw a fellow blogger's cut and pasted vacuous comment, and he said is it time to switch back to the knob jokes? I beat him to it by using some already last week, and can see that when I used one months ago at least one reader misunderstood it due to an apparent blind spot to humour. Anyway, it shows the blog world is the same for anyone, and also none of the utter wankers who seem to enjoy more in life dragging down the work of others than doing something of their own have their own blogs to show what they can do so much better than us. I wish one would open their heart and mind every day or two and then see the crap comments start. How would it look from the other side?

Peeing with rain here today and I'm tired after two nights disturbed sleep in a row so I stayed in and had a friend round for a couple of hours earlier. I've now got a rare football match to watch on Sky as Man Utd. are losing 1-0 to Lille who are playing like a top international team against Birmingham City with 20 minutes to go. Luckily football never ruled my life but seeing them struggle against unknowns doesn't look good for a team already unable to win the league. I also had LBC radio on this afternoon and Iain Lee asked before he started for people who fancied older women or men, and I got straight on with a story close to my heart, and grandma rang up later to say she'd heard it as well. Actually if the woman referred to had been listening she'd now not be in any doubt how I felt and even as clearly not interested would know I was. It wouldn't really spoil my chances as I doubt they ever existed to start with.
Well, apart from a reboot required and email still jamming the broadband issue seems to have resolved itself, though if I was a business relying on it as so many do I'd be surprised if all connections were as unreliable as this, my dial up used to be years ago but then became almost solid for the two hours it lasted before I had to do it again.
Well, the game just ended 1-0, will they even get into the next round after that? I will now use the time to get on with my picture.

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