Wednesday, November 09, 2005

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Ha ha... Well as it's only a day since my last entry I struggle to drag out the slightest reportable information from Kingsbury, and now I know how news people feel. Basically sod all happens most of the time, and instead of having a variable time slot for news reports they are forced to fill the spaces with anything whatever's actually happened, and end up far more boring than any blog as they are supposed to only report events rather than theorise or fantasise on them.

My main shift has been gained from reading Nick Roach's book, as it's gradually melting away my final block to enlightenment, its existence. He explains every step along the route from beginning to end, and if you get a quick sample along the way you are left in no doubt, and only need to continue to allow it to be constant, and not, as many do claim to be enlightened already. You will know it, yes , but not yet be it.

Back on earth the emphasis is on plan Bs, for money and not being alone here among others. Life has a weird system that often as soon as you find an alternative route for a failing plan it then happens as soon as you don't need to rely on it. As none of mine are succeeding, and the ones still alive are in 'glacier mode', ie moving at the speed of a glacier or snail, appearing to actually be frozen altogether. However close the TV news is regarding transmission it seems a million years ahead.
The number of projects on the go is probably average, but of a greater importance than usual, ie money (as opposed to none at present), fame (ditto) and people. I have also applied for the ONLY home working job I could find, which if genuine pays double what I ever earned in an office, and that or another would fix my money and employment problems indefinitely. There's no homeworking job directory, so a gap in the market exists, anyone can have it as I don't want the work involved myself...

Finally on an unrelated area I've decided I no longer at 45 need to add records to my life. I'd become more interested in adding statistics than the pleasure of events themselves. I've done enough already to prove to myself and anyone else I've done all the usual things, and in now way should any be done that's an ordeal just to add a point to a list. Will anyone on earth actually care if I haven't been on a plane for ten years (though as soon as I can get up before 11am I intend to do so again for my own pleasure), and have also proved I've 'met' enough women for anyone, and would rather have had one good one properly than the load of dodgy ones I actually got. Statistics alone mean little, as holidays can be utter crap but when people tell you they've been all over the place you don't know if they actually liked it all. It is really all about quality than quantity, and I got far more pleasure sitting in an empty theatre for five or ten minutes watching Patrick Stewart help the director with set positions than spending two hours watching someone in a play. Meeting Harry Hill and spending two afternoons chatting with him beats seeing him live (I did go once but it was cancelled) performing a routine I've probably seen on TV already. Thousands of people do that, not many get to meet him and spend time with him on set working. Same with Big Brother. Two years ago I had a ticket for an eviction. I was admittedly terrified of being squashed in with all those crowds for 2 hours, but it was BB and therefore top priority. I was pretty disappointed finding most ticket holders were turned away every week including myself, but a few weeks later met four members in person (not just the one on a stage) and was still filmed into the bargain. If I'd been scheduled for that deliberately I'd never have needed to try and see an eviction as well.

So, having clocked up:

82 successes (stage 1 or above) with women
10 countries
11 US states
73 UK league/international football matches
8 O levels and 3 A levels (and two lines of letters after that)
plus numerous of the usual comedy, musical and theatre performances most people in London can see with little effort,

I am still alone, not famous, unrecognised, earning fuck all and simply able to dream I've done something interesting and wake up knowing I really have already rather than realise I've got to do it now.
The only things left I want to add are TV speaking roles (currently zero with one pending,) selling paintings and articles and women living with (only one required).
That stage of my life where I still needed to collect things is over and complete. The next stage is about quality, and impossible to simply choose to add, as though any fool can go and travel any distance they choose to go to football as millions do every week, they can't choose to appear on TV or get married! So I've graduated to 'A level life' from O level. Christ alone knows what's more advanced than that, probably for the afterlife in my guess...

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