Monday, May 15, 2006

The Secret Garden

I was right! How often am I sure of that nowadays? And having just been told by a Christian on the radio that miracles come from God through people.
After getting a free copy of all 7 episodes of the Secret Garden TV series from 1975 in the paper, I began to realise it had every point in it that had applied to my own life recently. Isolation, and all its consequences, and what could be done about it.
I just saw the final episode, and what was it about? Yes, something I discovered recently and was one thing I was certain about, magic. That part that we want to live for and remember when it’s missing from our lives. What happened in the final episode? The character who became well again realised exactly the same thing himself. The whole episode repeated my message for everyone. Besides seeing the series at the time, I barely remembered a minute of it, and only remember one character, which is unlike me. But I certainly worked out the magic myself and didn’t remember something 30 years ago in case anyone doesn’t trust my own route to the answer. But I had to add that as it surprised me more than anyone. But the point is, whoever got there first, it’s true.

Why have so many people been upset by what I write here (but luckily still read it)- as I was cut off from the magic for some time now. A bit at a time until there was none left. Not that there wasn’t any, I was still in the same places and doing similar things, but I was cut off from it, and reacted as anyone would who exists but doesn’t really live, remembering the difference.
So the message has come in a complete circle. I worked out the formula and then I was sent a video which first affirmed every point I made here, and concluded with the same ending as I did. I didn’t ever doubt it before, but this has the added dimension of a miracle.

I was cut off from something myself, and still have no idea how and if I’ll get it back. It’s been a long story with parts I preferred not to put here. But I’m more than half way to getting it back now as I know where and what it is. Every character in the programme played their part in creating the solution to the problems the main children had, and the person who knew the most wasn’t in the story, but wrote it. As I said before, those who know the most in my experience are those who write stories that are accurate and perceptive. You do well in writing if people relate to what you write, and there is a clear message there which worked for me, and if a message works on me it’ll work on anyone.


Sharon said...

Now comes the difficult part. Once it is gone how do you get it back again?

David said...

I know. I understand the picture but have no way of controlling it. That's my next mission but I can't think of anyone before me who managed it, and if there are ways each would probably be different for each person. Like inventing a wheel without a car, it's only of theoretical use so far...