Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Unknown, today's topic. I've got a bit of free time and came straight here like a dog to a lamp post. I can say I've just bought a new car which I'm going to collect later (well, it's 7 years old but new for me), otherwise unknown. The magic point is known, but as I said how to get it back isn't. Knowing your prison's layout is interesting but doesn't mean you can escape. But I think for most people who have lost it without a trauma it should come and go as it pleases like it does for everyone else. It's a trauma which cuts you off from it and how you undo that lot is pure luck in my experience. Time doesn't help much, the inner switch is virtually immune to that as it's stuck in the off position and needs another even to turn it back. I don't even know if the darn things can be turned back either...

On a more cheerful note, the email reply rate is a lot better than usual at the moment, another of those phases which seems to have no reason for it but happens anyway. There is really only one realistic thing to look forward to, but at an unknown time with a 5% success rate, but more than usual really. Meanwhile I'll see if I can inspire myself or anyone else to hook into the stream of magic, and how to lift the barrier to it.
It certainly didn't change how I felt knowing the formula. Or Sharon. It's similar to knowing we'd feel better sharing a house with family or a partner. But the one difference is there's no requirement on others to return the magic. The barrier's inside and needs to be opened, and what does that is a mystery to me.

But one clue is I always believed that if I knew there was another dimension with people also living in it and we could interact with it would solve many of my problems. It would mean at least I was never alone as they would always be around us. And we could also escape by visiting their side if we learnt how. Plus we are told they have far superior abilities to us, and may be able to help us with some of our problems which are almost insoluble here. All the best children's stories like Narnia, Tom's midnight garden and Harry Potter involve parallel worlds children (why only children?) can walk into and back from wherever they are without the need for airports or train tickets. Technically though many books have been written on exactly such experiences here (usually one offs) there's nothing to indicate they're real, and no references to doorways otherwise the whole world would be queueing up to go through.
Out of body experiences get you there as well, and at least with them they work on this level as people report accurately what's going on where they're not. But once they leave earth who knows whether anywhere they go is real?

One thing I can be congratulated for is going to bed and getting up early, it proves it can be done. Only an hour or two this time, but I intend to keep it up. I can go on the computer just as easily when I get up as before I go to bed.

Finally, though I hardly remember it, I keep notes anyway, I had a dream where I clearly ehard a voice telling me to only take notice of what's going on in the present. It's what most teach anyhow but unlike most sounds in dreams which are more telepathic thought types, this was a clear loud voice reminding me what I need to do. That means guessing what this week will be like, let alone caring, is out. All there is is sitting here typing on the computer. A simple but disciplined method as how long can you normally keep looking at the present without your mind wandering ahead? And believe me there's no need to. It's a waste of energy as it can't make the future be any different if we imagine it ahead. I've tested that one to the limits.

More when the inspiration comes to me...

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