Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday, 6.35

Big Brother's back next Friday! Just had to say that, it's my second life and no apologies. I'll try and keep it off my blog though.
Well I'm fine at the moment, despite little sleep and nothing at all besides the weather and some work completed to contribute to it. But the details aren't important if I'm OK. Mind you, the only reason I'm here now is the garden shears I was just about to cut the hedge with are not where they should be (there is a box where I keep my main garden tools) or anywhere else. Plus the seccateurs I brought in to use in the front and left indoors are no longer there either. I may have to have a few words with someone soon as it's easy enough to lose my own things without help from anyone else.

So besides warm weather and an unplanned inability to do any gardening besides cutting the bloody lawn yet again I have nothing to report. The person with the cheap car never called and if I can't find their number I also lost by the weekend I'll be buying choice 2 (expensive but good value) if it's still for sale. At least it has half the mileage and looks new, I'll just accept spending the money as it's been over 7 years since I bought the last one.
Otherwise I am carrying the camera if I go anywhere I may use it, and post the results here now flickr is full, which is a shame as I'd joined a bunch of groups and even though more than a few signs on the A406 to Neasden, Hendon or Wembley are overkill I'd like the option to add if I see anything else.

Besides less and less hidden messages to women here (now discontinued before I make a post into a proposal document, which is very tempting, not original, but could cause someone a heart attack if she read it). But in a way even though I can never know until it happens, it's only a natural need to be paired off, and would even have someone to help me look for lost garden tools, let alone make the tea occasionally. I also have to ration weblinks I send people now as sooner or later I write about them and realise it may bugger up my plans by revealing them here in advance. All I'll say is I'm waiting for my 5% chance to arrive here for a visit, and will be as direct with her as I've been indirect with the last few as being subtle has led to my intentions being totally overlooked so may as well go for it now.

Just back after strimming the back garden, and the neighbour tells me her shears have also gone (though as left outside was hardly a surprise), so it seems both articles of mine are gone, plus the spare shears I don't even know where they were to be taken may be as well. All I need. Other than that very little to report. I am waiting to hear how accurate my email psychic reading was on Monday, and am resigned to hearing no more news from my friend abroad whatever had been planned to say. I still have to decide if and what to take from the blog to make into a book of sorts, as it's easily long enough and has enough ideas in it. But the ideas recently have been losing things, and the list is growing. I can't even find the number of the woman with the car, and am tempted to drop that issue and go for the better one. But it still won't answer where my:

Large artist's pad, two plastic footballers, garden shears, seccateurs, tarot cards, cassette of jazz, and my mini rucksack I took to the gym have gone. Half are definitely stolen, but the others defy logic. And why pinch such rubbishy things anyway? No one would give me more than a few pounds for the whole lot, and they left the good stuff. Stupid as well as crooked clearly, but damned annoying as well.

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