Friday, February 03, 2006

Ag Pleez Deddy

After singing this to Sharon yesterday I thought hang on, why not do it on video?

OK, I only had the internal memory to spare so apart from missing the first chord I could only get in a couple of verses, but the upside is it takes a lot less time to load. Enjoy!

My video


Anonymous said...

I loved your video! You sing so well, how come you never went professional?


David said...

Thanks Carla, since you asked...
I actually play the piano mainly, the singing and guitar was an optional extra. I wanted to go professional but only playing old rock and roll. I auditioned for Toyah's band and got in, but didn't like the music and wasn't prepared to give up school to do it.
Since then I've done a number of cabarets and parties on both instruments which can be great fun, but also takes the fun out of it when playing solo for hours. The academic career had to take priority and that carried on into my 30s so the rest had to take a back seat. I haven't given up the idea of more performing though but without an Equity card you're more or less cut out of the loop.