Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Carla's answers

Well David, here are my answers to those same questions:

What is your view on the soul? I know from when we talked
and from you blog your view of organized religion, which I agree with completely. So does the soul exist? And if so does illness, physical, mental or emotionally have an effect on the soul?

Yes, the soul exists. All living things have a soul. I believe when someone is physically ill, the soul becomes stronger to help you overcome your illness. If the illness is terminal, the soul helps you accept what cannot be helped and it also gives you strength to prepare for the end.

In my opinion, being mentally ill or emotionally ill has no effect on the soul.

How did we get here? Evolution? God? (Not likely) or some
other force? How and why were we created? Obviously whoever created humans must have had a sense of humor. Just look at how our bodies are put together.

If you believe one hundred percent in the Bible, then God created us from his own image; however, I wholeheartedly feel that we evolved. DNA doesn’t lie and since human DNA is so close to chimpanzee DNA, evolution is really the right one.

What purpose is there in suffering? Is it to teach a lesson?

There isn’t a purpose to suffering. If you think about it, humans are the only mammals that make themselves suffer, physically, mentally and emotionally; and we are the only mammals that inflict suffering on animals.

In my opinion, the only lesson there is to suffering is that human beings can be very cruel.

*I know this is something you have blogged about but it is something that really bothers me.* Shamanism. This is something that I have never really studied and would like to hear more about.

From what I’ve heard and read about, Shamanism is another method of healing. The Shamans use medicinal plants and call on the “spirits” to help them in healing. Some Shamans have been credited with controlling the weather and also miracle cures. Some Shamans have been known to use esoteric drugs (derived from plants such as datura) to help them communicate with the spirit world.

Are some people meant to spend their lives alone? What
would be the purpose in it?

I don’t believe some people are meant to spend the lives alone. I feel it’s all a master plan, and eventually we will figure it out and realise who we are to spend our lives with. For the individuals who do/will spend their lives alone, they haven’t figured out the plan.

Adversity is supposed to make us stronger. Stronger for
what and for that matter why do some have to suffer so much while others breeze through life?

I think what that saying means is that adversity will make our souls and minds stronger, for once having learned something, we’re not likely to forget it.

Also, maybe the people who are supposedly “breezing” through life, only want everyone to think life is “that” easy. They want everyone to see them as “perfect”, able to accomplish everything.

Do you think that we programmed from birth as to what and who we become? Or do we have some input into it?

All babies are born with basic instincts. Most of what have become or will become has been programmed from conception, but we do have the ability to add/change different things.

Is it ever really possible to put the past behind you and leave it there?

Yes, as long as a person is not a repititious kind of person.

We are all a part of the collective mind. So everyone should be equally able to tap into it. But the majority of people do not even seem to be aware that it exists. Why do you think that is?

The people who don’t seem to know that it exists are the people least likely to have the ability of it.

Does everyone have a spirit guide? How do you find yours?

I believe everyone has a spirit guide. You can find your spirit guide by assessing the times in your life that were troubled but that which you were able to overcome; you overcame those troubled times because you had help from your spirit guide. Your spirit guide will also give you clues as to who or what she or he is.


Some were not that different from my own, I have to point out my answers are only in the way of self inquiry. No way do I know the answers, I offered answers solely as a way to discover any more about the universal questions, and as I couldn't really find anyone else (before Sharon) to help, I asked for questions for me to attempt to answer. But I'm not the expert, just part of the discussion. Everyone can and should join in, it's a joint effort. And maybe we wil get there together if we just keep going and go with the flow as I have done here for some time. No plans, just what happens each day.

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