Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Spirit guide

OK, having said it's all crap in my eyes, the possibility of using the Akashic records (all the information that is) to give the impression another person is communicating is the more likely, rather than the view real 'dead people' are out there influencing our lives. Either way, whichever is the case, I have a guide who I've probably mentioned in passing and will now describe in full.

From at least age 7, I've been concerned with a German-Jewish type psychiatrist who understands and accepts everything people do. Even then I wanted a figure who didn't judge people for their behaviour, but understood why they did it. I met a real psychiatrist on holiday a few years later who gave me private lessons as he was so impressed a child could have such an interest, then found people I knew started telling me their problems, and I knew what to say.

I took up therapy at college at 26 and that was finally the start of my current profession. One afternoon on the way back from college I went to see a clairvoyant, she said I was in a medical sort of profession and had a spirit guide she could see clearly and described. Guess who it was? An Austrian (?) doctor called George Liebmann, who had sent me in that direction himself. She saw him with his wife and children (wherever he was) and filled in the space of who I'd been thinking of for 20 years.

Then I saw the circle begin to complete. Rather than find a living person of this description, I am becoming him. No choice, just happening naturally. I still look for a person like that myself, maybe Tommy Boyd is close, but not German or Jewish... Otherwise as the proper gurus say I am finding that which I look for outside within, which is my screen name's meaning satguru.

So for all I know George has been sent to get me on my path and is responsible for my putting my potential into practice. Tommy's sidekick Allison (who sounds so hot I'm sure he's going to be tempted...) said it reminds her of Jesus, who spoke his truth, publicised it and got shat on by many in thanks. I know the feeling. But my mission is clearly beyond my choice to continue or nelson's and others to fail or give up. I am only interested in the final result, if I win. The path to it is meaningless and irrelevant as if you win the style and route isn't that important, as long as I don't get too much hassle from doing it. Not from outside but from blockages on the path where I apparently can't get further. False dawns where I seem to get a shift but everything then slips back almost as it was. How long that could take is a mystery, but I can't give up. No way!


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