Saturday, February 11, 2006

Q & A 2

Sometimes, alright most of the time to be completely honest, it seems that the closer I get to being the person that I want to be the farther it pushes other people away. At this point in my life I refuse to hide who I am and what I believe but it makes me question growth. Is growth really worth it if in the end all you are left with is yourself? What have you gained by that?

1) You have assumed the future will be the same, which you can't see. The biggest task is to be yourself, like merging the persona with the true person. Then, in the words of Jung, you have self actualised. You only get stick from others as they haven't got close to it and can't handle those who have

When you meet new people, whether in person or online, there are some who you feel an immediate connection with. It feels as if you have known them forever. Would you say this is proof of reincarnation and they are people we have known before. Or is it that whoever is pulling the strings in the universe is just directing us to who they want us to meet?

2) I don't work with unknowns, so would steer clear of reincarnation (as Nick does, we agree on most things). Vibrations are so different for each person, and we pick up closer frequencies to our own. I am also still investigating the string pullers but their evidence is everywhere.

Suffering, I know I come back to this topic a lot, forces us to find ways to alleviate it. So I would suppose it is a learning experience. Taking it as a learning experience do we learn more by suffering to learn something than we would have by learning in a more pleasant way?

No, that's justifying pain which is what religion does all the time to make people take it. In that way I'm an idealist and would try and transcend the lot. You only need knowledge of the dark to appreciate the light eternally. Experiencing the dark is unnecessary after discovering it once (not my idea btw).

If you take all of the little irritants and annoyances. Not to mention all of the the pain and suffering in life as a learning experience. Karma is trying to show us something. A possibility would be that after enough exposure to them we build up calluses or immunity to them. They don't bother us anymore and we can go on to greater growth. Or do you think that is a load of ...well you know what.

same as last q, we seem to become more sensitive as we get older- don't many older people (like me) become less tolerant of irritations and the more you have the more irritating it is. Enlightenment offers an escape though some say even that isn't a way out. But there must be states gained from meditation that rise above the current of suffering. We just need quicker ways of accessing them,as current ones take a long time for most, if they happen at all.

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