Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The mission

Things on the teaching front are progressing at a pace, I have been given the list of questions just like my own, to bounce off my own opinion and hopefully come up with some answers. If there is an ultimate end in this, ie I have something original to offer, that would be very interesting.

But what interests me the most is why the answers seem so clear and obvious to me and not other people. They aren't that profound and surely apply to all people's experience. But so few people seem not to be so busy with their lives they even stop and think of these issues. Strength through adversity? Not exactly. But knowledge is hopefully being forced out somehow through it. The suffering of the few may benefit the growth of many? Well only if I come up with any useful answers, which is not yet known, especially as something tells me the ultimate escape from suffering, both short and long term is apparently on a random basis. It really seems a case of watching and waiting for your torturer to let go. I may be overdramatising, but this is a form of literature and lends itself to it.

So things are happening, literally in theory, as I now have the challenge I asked for, and needed. It does seem as if something beyond both of us is happening that has taken over and used us as its mouthpieces. If I have been chosen for a mission I am very happy to do so. How and why is another story, and if parts (or all) of my life are in preparation for a teaching mission there is surely so much more going on than we realise, and the world is truly a small part of a far greater picture. I am creating a large jigsaw or spiders web which fits together as I carry on, and though still has more space than construction it still may have more than the average person's. Questions and answers posted next.

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