Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Sharon has received a pile of comments on her blog but aimed at me.

This arsehole knows me very well. I've never encountered anyone from the 'real' world following me online before, the school bully who can't face me in person has decided to use the internet to hide behind, and have a go at an innocent friend as well. Truly sick.

This is a criminal offence and I have involved the police, this has gone too far and people have to know that just because they think they are hiding behind the apparent anonymity of a screen sooner or later people will catch up with them.

I have managed to track the person down now, and what they said (I hadn't read it previously) is the ravings of mental illness. The previous name I offered here was a red herring and nothing to do with any of the incidents so I apologise.


Anonymous said...

have you figured it out yet?

David said...

To be a detective you need clues: I have few.
1) nelson: only one I know doesn't know where I am any more
2) your style is almost identical to a couple of others but I've discovered many imitators
I believe you are a new person here
3) you clearly know me well. No information you've given isn't on my blog though so you could just be a fan (certain info was from over a year ago so would mean you read a lot of it)
4) if you know me personally offline you wouldn't make such a song and dance of playing hide and seek so I reckon you're someone I pissed off from a website somewhere
5)If you think on that I can actually work out who you are on that little you must think I'm more of a genius than I do!!