Saturday, February 18, 2006


No posts for a while simply as the builder was here and I was away at my grandma's for a few days as a result. And still not finished, especially as it'll be 6 more weeks (officially) before the missing parts come since the whole country's kitchen units were burnt in a warehouse fire.

So I haven't really been doing much besides some nice photos yesterday, and tracking down the stalker yesterday with Sharon. After all that it turned out to be the usual person, but a level beyond the previous nonsense and truly evil. I am really sorry someone who ought to know better has it in them after such a long time to bear such a grudge it turned them mentally ill, though that potential had to be there already. Sharon isn't used to crap like this and deserves it even less than me as she has never hurt anyone round here.

That out of the way, it's gone dead quiet here. I really ought to try and finish my course reading now, and start on the research and essays. The picture's been on hold as half the house was a building site, and the one area I am working on is finally learning some decent jazz piano from an Oscar Peterson tape. But as for reporting Kingsbury life I have run out of material and may have to switch to philosophy again, except nothing's happened there either. We will see...

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