Saturday, February 11, 2006

Week's review

This week I got quite a lot done, of course the dialogues blogged already, satsang with Sharon (open for everyone to join in including Carla, who's already been invited) and Ayumi who channeled an entity called Sarsha, and provided the only convincing alien data I've ever heard. Then, within 24 hours Talk Sport had someone on talking about guess what, how aliens are harmless. I rang in and got my first media mission in place within a day of receiving it. I am on the press list for Discovery TV following my appearance a few weeks from now, and now I know what to tell them. It was a nice sunny day today and while I walked in the park oppositer took the camera with me just in case. I've virtually finished my planned trips with it, and now will just see what else happens to come to me. Here's one not already on Flickr, of the Welsh Harp reservoir with industrial Staples Corner estate behind.

Otherwise I am just sitting back and seeing what happens. I have my instructions that if I believe in aliens angels and miracles they'll possibly happen. I reckon my beliefs must have shifted permanently now, as the system I was given fits together so well something has to be going on. At worst it's a very clear form of telepathy where she picked up my own thoughts so clearly, which still shows telepathy can be done at an almost telephonic level.

As far as the questions and answers/satsang goes, it's out of my hands. The answers are mainly based on what feels right, don't ask me to prove them, better others try and let me know what happens. I accept the possibility for all things unseen, but needn't worry about life before and after this one as this one is all there is for me. So I'll look into that, and let the rest happen if and when it does. I could be going round in circles, getting nowhere, or a breakthrough. It has a momentum of its own, I don't know the questions before they come, and if one comes that moves my own awareness the job may be done.
Satsang is not a scientific lecture, as the teacher can't always demonstrate what he says practically. But little I say so far is original, I can see that, but agrees with many before me. The main thing is so many people contradict it and try and live the opposite ways thinking they know better. How successful are they? And what happens when the success they took for granted turns to failure, or even worse, disaster? Suddenly they've joined the same queue looking for answers. I'm still there giving them, and then they become interesed. So why not get the answers before you need them just in case?

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