Saturday, February 04, 2006

The big picture

Looking back on what I've written recently I can see the reasons I'm trying to point certain things out. When I think of what matters to me it's simply my health and happiness. Nearly all the 'news' out there doesn't actually affect me. If it wasn't for the media no one would know about it or care either as it wasn't actually real as far as they knew.
But since I do know about it, regardless of whether it affects me or not, firstly if someone elsewhere knew I was in trouble I'd like them to help, and secondly what's there now could spread here as well so we basically don't need it anywhere full stop if possible.

My issues are with anything that gets in the way of our health or happiness, and trying to smoothe the routes that improve it. As a parent, we'd all prefer our children to learn the easiest possible ways and suffer as little as possible. Anyone who believes suffering is a route to growth is promoting cruelty. Whatever gain anyone would make from suffering would be lost by the effects, and having a great wisdom and post traumatic stress rendering them useless to anybody.
Same if you believe in God. As our parent, any God who sets us up to learn more through suffering (remember, God can choose our circumstances, parents can't) is evil. Whatever evidence I saw for a higher power, it's not the God we would create if we designed our own. Any headmaster or seargeant major who treated his men the way such a God does would be removed very quickly and probably put in prison. They know their student's limits and never push them too hard, but try and get the best out of them, and fix them up if they get into trouble. Not God's way for certain.

I've also set myself up for the complete intelligence test. I need issues thrown at me from outside to see if I can really deliver what I imagine. As there's a single principle I've now identified, basically making life easier/removing blockages that make it harder, I hope I can apply that to any controversial situation however complex. And hopefully back it up with facts.

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