Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Alien dialogue- best so far.

I saw a new alleged abductee tonight, and have been allowed to share the session here. This time the information was so direct and clear it's virtually impossible to dismiss it, plus three names were given out of three which would have been totally impossible to know as as far as I know the only public mention of them was right here, and she only knew of me last month and doesn't know about my web activities. What follows is a dictation of the main points of the regression, but I must add this was not a recovery regression as Ayumi, the subject, had plenty of memories of abductions, just not clear enough to recall details or separate. Therefore I was not dealing with a blank, but filling in details of scenarios she was only too aware of. This is the better end of researching as there is far less possibility of being accused of feeding the subject, as the scenario has already been presented, but just not in a clear way that can be followed as any other memory.

I aimed at the first abduction but was given possibly a more important one she had while still living in Japan at age 16: This is a dictation from her exact words. I'm in brackets.

I see an alien in front of me, it's thin and has huge eyes. It's shining like silver grey with golden powder, looking at me. We're on a ship,in a white room with an oval dome, there are three of them working here. They're talking (with their voices?) No,
their mouth doesn't move. There's a window to a huge planet in front of me, orange like Venus. They're telling me the history of their planet, they're connected to the Earth, our green and environmental energies will change. They lost their land, this is their planet not ours. They say I have to know this, it's important to know it. And they have no water there.
(Have they given you a mission?) To take the information and investigate what she can do. There's a friendship of the galaxy, our neighbours, they're preparing us for it, but not yet. They're working on lots of people, to have a more easy life, environmental, not cutting down trees, and get a natural way to live, and with each other. Then we will realise we're not alone. There's a programme to take her every now and then to learn, part of the plan.

(Can the telepathic link work now and you hear the aliens?) Yes, his name is Sarsha. [Sarsha speaks through Ayumi now]
This was not your first abduction at 16. (Will you reveal yourself to Earth at last?)We will be in touch very soon. It won't be a surprise, lots of people are waking up in a slow way.
(Am I part of your plan) I am, I am asked to do this for the media and government, I'll have a strong connection with them in future, I have a gift. People relax, believe me and are honest with me [as a result]. I don't yet believe I can work for the government but I can. I'm part of a team, we'll join together and work in the media to change it and become organised. Lose any fear, all people will help me. Things will start changing, people will gain their own powers.
The message we are to give is: To show how the aliens are good and positive, and don't see as threat to be defended against, but friends and neighbours. Ayumi must believe her own flow and don't listen to others. If it feels right is the key, they helped her develop her powers.
(Are you the same race who abduct Trevor [my previous reported subject])? We are slightly different, they came from the same place and DNA but we branched out and went elsewhere, and are like cousins.

I then asked, just in case, to aim as high as I could and ask to confirm who and where the other aliens were from, as Trevor had already told me and can only be found on my blog about a year ago.

The three answers I required, in order, were: Orion, Egypt and Sphinx.

(Which star system are they from?) Subaru (Pleiades in Japan)- (Are you sure? this may be related but I was given somewhere else). Orion.

(Where does Trevor say they originally visited on Earth?) [Instant reply] Egypt

(What do their faces resemble) A bird, and eagle. (What do their faces look like) Hathor. [100% correct. The face on the sphinx, and the face on Mars look exactly like Hathor] I also get Ashtar [Ashtar command is part of a higher power apparently controlling many universal affairs]

I see lots of eyes and strange writing.
(Do you have a final message?) For Ayumi, get ufo groups celebrating, discussion groups. Reverse the negative image of aliens so they can reveal themselves. [To me] I have to believe the evidence now. I was reincarnated from a similar race of aliens, I'm part of it and want to go back. They will reveal themselves when we are on the right level. Even the higher powers don't know how long this will take. It's not planned in advance as we have free will. We [humans] are doing better now, there will be a big change, and huge spiritual energies coming down.
There are helpers ['angels'] all among us. Listen to your intuition to see their working. They are working for each one of us, and with aliens. Many humans come here to help us from the future, but they are in different form. Our DNA is being changed.

How I can have any doubts left after Ayumi/Sarsha gave three out of three answers exactly right (plus one off one at the start which may prove to be relevant) and also remember she is Japanese, and English is not her first language, yet even in Japanese (Subaru) she was able to make her meaning clear and find the right words and English versions of names sometimes not familiar to her before. In fact she barely remembered many of her answers and I had to read them back to remind her. It seems her personality was literally set aside while I spoke with Sarsha who was fluent and gave instant and consistent answers to all my questions, plus made not only perfect sense of my own role in convincing the powers that be that aliens are positive and our friends, but having never met me before said how I put people at their ease and allow them to open up honestly. I've been doing that most of my life, and she had no way of knowing that. So, the higher beings actually exist, are related to us, and can time travel? Watch this space.

Update following more research:
Though Trevor's aliens were from Orion and Ayumi said Pleiades, Hathor itself is pointed towards the Pleiades. Therefore wherever Zephos, Zarg and Garmon are from there is clearly a triangular relationship between Egypt and the two star systems.

Secondly the first image Ayumi came up with for the aliens was a bird. Not having seen the images besides the face I had no idea of the body of Hathor, but guess what Hathor is. Despite the Sphinx being a definite cat, the images of Hathor on paper (many and very well documented) show her as a bird.
This means there was virtually no superfluous information in the account. The uncertainties we originally had turned out to be more corroboration for the whole picture, increasing the elements from around three to at least five.

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