Saturday, April 08, 2006

Adding colour

One thing I believe I do quite naturally is add colour to the world. So many people play safe and easy and bore the pants off you. I would rather exploit the playground that is life, saying and doing whatever I do that is interesting and harmless, as if it can be done why not say and do it?

That is not being insane or delusional, just eccentric. I'd always meet people who are sane but interesting, not afraid to explore peculiar ideas and speak their minds like children do. I know so many people like this, mad as hatters sometimes but always worth going back for more and a constant source of entertainment.

In art you have the surrealist, psychedelic and op art movements, the best examples of artistic freedom I know, like them or not, and I like to be the personal equivalent. Painting the world with psychedelic rainbows of words and pictures, and possibly even finding escapes from the mundane banality life provides most of the time since 1974.
So even if people accuse me of writing rubbish, I am exploring every boundary of words and creation, and maybe find something others have missed in doing so. And even if not, I won't be forgotten. And in the media, being known is all that matters. No one remembers a bore but they all remember a weirdo. And I can live with that label.

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