Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday again

Firstly I want to clarify my question about being special. In a profession you are given a qualification, a clear remit, and told 'you can do it'. There's no need to have any outside validation besides a bit of supervision for therapists. But when it's a quality you can't be sure you have or qualify in, what do you do? ask people.

Just like anyone qualified gets the odd drop in confidence and needs to be reminded they can do it, when there's no qualifications for what you may be able to do you can't spend years wondering, so use any means at your disposal to ask, as I did.

Otherwise it's been a nice day (passes out in surprise)! Didn't leave the house or garden (mainly as raining) but had nice people around all day and that made all the difference. Then I had some bulbs to plant and discovered someone had emptied their bin all over the front garden. Why I cannot say, besides the fact I don't pay the dustmen every Christmas (it's illegal now) and that's the usual result. So I had a whole rubbish sack filled with someone else's packaging to fill as well as the actual little jobs I had to do there.
Part of living in the suburbs, no doubt. So, Mr Blogger.com, why does your software revert to default every time you press the shift key?

Why am I writing this? No philosophy or much else, just amazed to have a nice day so may as well share it. Can't think beyond for tomorrow and more, and no real need to.

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