Saturday, April 22, 2006

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sara said...

Dear David,
May I ask you to describe Golders Green for me as a foreigner?you see I May come there for a while to study English,I am an Anthropologist and journalist,24.
I just finished my M.A and want to come to london for studing English for 3 months!

Sharon said...

Very funny but is it kosher? ;)

Philosopher Newport said...


more! more!

sara said...

Hi David,
Yes I am the one who leave comment for the other post. Unfortunately (!) I am not a Jewish, Are You?
And nice blog, you see I am an anthropologist (new one! I jest finished my M.A) and journalist, maybe because of my career that I am interested in your blog it let me know a man from other part of the world deeply!

David said...

Yes, I certainly am Jewish, though I do as many racial sterotype characters as I can think of! But because I love them!
Golders Green is the Jewish capital of England, and it's more like home than Israel for some of us!