Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I've been following one of my hobbies, looking at houses online. One thing that has amazed me is most now have polished wood floors, and look like no one's living there. Now if I want to live on a boat I'll save 75% of the cost of a real house and buy one. But if I live in a house I want carpets. When I was young only rich people had wall to wall carpets, the rest like us had to make do with buying standard sizes and cutting the long parts to fit the room. Our first fitted carpet (white shag pile, around 1970) felt like we'd moved into the big time, and now all the same houses are putting their huge, bad taste pseudo antique furniture on bare wooden floors, barely even adding a rug or two.

OK, it's lazier to sweep a hard floor than hoover or clean a carpet, but it looks like a warehouse. Garden sheds are made of wood, or log cabins, but why make a room seem cold and empty by removing all the carpets? Maybe it reflects the inner being of the people who are cold and hard inside so make their houses the same. What next, no pillows?

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