Saturday, April 08, 2006

Week's review 8/4

It's been a busy week and no mistake. Hard and busy and today is the first one off. But work is work and though I feel guilty for not doing much, I realised 1) I thought about doing nothing but still did it and 2) the more major things I haven't done are because I have to get back to things gradually and test the tablets to see what I can do now.

But I'm so glad that week's over. A lot of small events can wear as much as a few big ones, in their own way. And I judged myself unfairly for thinking about doing nothing, imagining I'd done nothing and then finding I hadn't. I'm forced into the present now, mainly as I have few decent plans or projects and absolutely nothing to look forward to. But there's nowhere else to focus your attention but now so it's happening whatever the reasons.
Two large books and two plastic footballers are now missing, the books are too big to go and the footballers appear to have tempted one of two people who should know better, but how else could they vanish? The books are a very rare 60s poster book and my art pad from the 80s I still use and put in a 'safe place' months ago. I hope that will turn up first though I've more or less given up hope for the others, I really just want to know how two free models can go missing from a shelf in such a bleedin' obvious way without the person expecting a comeback?

I may be back later with some inspired satsang, otherwise it's goodbye from me.

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