Friday, April 21, 2006

Three possibilities

There are only three possible versions of the universe:

1) Things are exactly how they seem

2) There are higher powers who protect us

3) There are higher powers who rarely protect us as we are supposed to suffer


My mother says'1'

Religious people say '2'

I suspect and hope '3' but accept '1' as that seems far more likely and sensible.

But the evidence is as follows: People who have actual experience (faith isn't included) of higher powers are either liars or deluded. But some seem genuine. The system is designed to only choose individuals to reveal to, while all the others are not permitted to know. So you have a few (moaybe one in a million) people who know, and the rest may as well be in another universe as it's impossible to show another what you know.

Otherwise if '1' is correct, every one of these few people is wrong. Certainly there is little or no evidence (including solid aliens as well as spirits), but of course they choose their beneficiaries, and hide the rest of the time. Luckily the priviliged few don't care others frown and pat them on the head as if retarded, they know (or think they know) and are happy.

But being a lawyer, I have to accept until there's evidence I'll have to assume there's nothing, (though today the powers did get me out of a situation I didn't want, so who knows?) As the judge would say, only circumstantial evidence.

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