Saturday, April 01, 2006


Think and let your mind go free. Open the barriers of the spirit that hold back the love and light outside. Dreams and life overlap somewhere, while we dream we still experience, so why not bring the dreams into life as well?
This is a free page unlike the others. I am not lecturing or teaching or reporting. This is a trip I am taking on a page that may lead outside the normal limits of writing and experiencing. The hippies knew something and whatever they knew has its seeds in their music and pictures, and you feel an echo of it as you listen to the Moody Blues, as I did when I wrote this before.

Let all imagined limits go, what may lie beyond is what we miss so much here, whether we feel it, know it or just dream about it, it should be there. LSD trips are not a good route, but may be a dangerous way to see what is around us all but beyond our vision. Life will never be the same, so many people say after any spiritual experience. They have been outside and whether they find their way back again or not, they know. And few if any don't prefer it. Look at the art, listen to the music. That doesn't shout 'nightmare', it tells me 'fairyland'.
Mad? If you tell someone there's a place we can't see, hear, feel, or locate we're either mad or very lucky. But where and why do they exist? Wherever it is, people seem to agree about its landscape. It's a wonderful place of half men half animals, light and music with no visible source, colours unseen on earth, no time as we know it, and loving beings who can tell us many things we can't find out here. No wonder so many people take dreadful risks (as I have as well) trying desperately to find this place. Who wouldn't if they didn't resonate with every report they heard?

Escapism? If you were in a prison, what would you want to do? Accept that was the best you could do and start decorating the walls I suppose. Well that's what every normal guy does. And us nutcases want a little more, occasionally we even see tiny cracks in solid reality. If we do, we no longer imagine the possibility like Peter Pan, we know something's up. You can't accept three dimensions when you've seen more. No maps, no guides and shamans and voodoo priests only offer deadly routes. The magic is here sometimes, but probably there always, heaven as reported by those still alive when they passed over. Hell is surely here, why not both? Just opposite ends of the spectrum, and all available now to those who get there by chance or direction.
Moody Blues captured some of that feeling, which started this off here, but any 60s inspired creation has a bit of it as well. I am drawn to all of that not from nostalgia but as my link with heaven. Why on earth not? Heaven isn't risky, you can't lose, you can't get it wrong, everything you do has the best possible outcome and you're never alone unless you choose to be. You understand and know everything and everyone else does as well. As they all share the one mind they can all access, but through their own being. Tell me it's rubbish, but it still makes a good story. But even a fairy story inspires. And why so many about hidden worlds where people fly and talk to animals. Was C.S. Lewis on acid when he wrote Narnia or Lewis Carroll when he followed Alice to similar dimensions? I doubt it. Some people just know, or feel it somehow. They end up entertaining children, but some of those children grow up as inspired adults, just wondering if there was more to those places than imagination.

Of course there is. Even going there in dreams is real when I'm there, and I still have the memory as with all the others afterwards. I trip out by listening to music, looking at pictures and thinking of the times I was almost there. I won't get far like that but I'm looking through the bars wondering whether there's a hidden door or loose window somewhere I can't find yet. From within an infinite wall I look outside infinity for the freedom outside. May I never come down once I get there. Amen.


Sharon said...

Where ever this came from it is nothing short of amazing! There isn't space here to fully explain what I got out of it. You expanded on an idea that I had been thinking about and went way beyond.

David said...

I reckon anything written from that place carries some with it, and when you listen to it it takes you there and opens the door for a while. That was where mine came from, the music literally spoke to me and said that.