Friday, April 28, 2006

The key to it all?

I had a fairly unexpected day today, besides the fact I'd booked someone's appointment a week early so stayed around for nothing I was going to completely veg out (it's been a fairly heavy week) and Sharon asked me to paint a picture for her. Though I've got stuff gathering dust in the gallery this will be my first ever sale. I think with so many similar ones behind me, it is taking less time as painting hedges is something you get the hang of after a few. You wouldn't think there were at least 6 colours plus shading in many hedges, and then you have to add the leaves.

I spent most of the day doing that, and technically it was something I rarely do, working! I'm going back to do another hour before I go to bed in a minute.

Meanwhile the coincidences plus some total weirdness continue. As I explained, none is helpful, just means maybe things are actually going on outside our normal science.
Have you ever seen a film or read a book with a keyword in it from start to finish? Well I've found mine. It's Fiona.

Technically someone's first name ought to have absolutely no connection with what they're like. But this is how I discovered my keyword. Every so often since 2001 I go to Friends Reunited to look for new names. Back at primary school my favourite girls were Fiona B and Dawn G, in that order. I was good friends with Dawn's sister but both her and Fiona were two years ahead of me so well out of reach, unlike crush 3, who was Isobel, my first kiss (and bloody good) who grew up to become a lesbian. She actually had to fuck off all the way to Australia as her family disapproved, so I heard. Well add me to that list as I wanted her myself and what use is it if she's gone the other way!
I digress. Nostalgia does that, wandering off into the happy land of the past. Anyway, Fiona was my number one gal at school and one of a few left I hadn't located. I got my reminder from FR to look up new names, and at last, there she was!
I was fairly surprised a few more new names were up as they are tailing off now, and then when I saw each profile discovered each was 3 years old! The bloody system had hidden them for 3 years! I am about to email tech support as in 6 years online they are the only site I pay to use and expect better.
But once the shock wore off from that discovery, combined with the expected let down she's married and living 300 miles away, I realised something. I'd never met a Fiona in my life I wasn't crazy about! I already knew that applied to Sophies, but that was only a few I knew pretty well plus one from a party, but I'm already up to 8 Fionas and haven't found one exception. Plus I've never got anywhere with one! Unlike Catherine (and variations) where I made 7!

So how the bloody hell (to use Victor Meldrew's little expression) can you expect people with a certain name to have more than one quality in common unless we're actually in the matrix? Add to that when imagining children's names always had Sophie chosen for one and Fiona for two. Like films with a key word, just what is Fiona trying to tell me? If I can unlock its meaning it ought to hold my purpose in life. I'd pick the reason being to marry the first Fiona that shows an interest as it is the guarantee she will be the right one, but these messages are always cryptic or I'd simply have married Charlie Clore's niece 20 years ago had she not already met someone else.

Before I go I suppose I may as well run down each Fiona just to get a nice warm feeling.

Not quite in an order, Fiona B was probably the first, and also introduced me to ouija boards and showed me clairvoyance was real at 9. Fiona L was a year or two older than me as well, and one day at teatime (we all went to the same place next to school) put her hands all over me as a joke. It was not a joke to me, it was like the hand of God. But she was into older millionaires who were also airline pilots, and apparently married one soon after leaving school. Fiona M was there as well, went home on my train and rambled on about rubbish from door to door, and then frequently on the phone afterwards, but never wanted me. Fiona S was the almost silent member of my art class, had a witche's nose but I soon got past that, and probably a lovely person had she ever said anything. I don't think I even risked chatting her up as it was too hard work.
Then Fiona C, who I met via her friend at the fair, and then called her friend who said she had a boyfriend already. I actually checked again every few months for over a year as she struck me so heavily. Then I went to college, and for two years I never minded going as all I thought was I could see Fiona H, who also never got on with me and later was told became sexually ambiguous...
I also met one at a party who was the nearest thing to my first girlfriend, but with a personality and even better looking. I was on the verge of proposing to her the next day when my friend told me she'd travelled over 100 miles to be there and by the time I decided to follow it up she was living with someone. I think she was the only one I may have had a chance with.

Is that a pattern or what? Maybe if I do an ad only asking for Fionas I'll get my perfect match at last. But I'll probably get three replies, one with a beard, one with a husband and one with an insanity certificate. And it would also bugger my theory totally. But it makes a pretty good case for synchronicity.

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