Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Over the top

Gone too far? Over the top? Good! Glad I still have it in me! The internet is maybe the only place we can be free to say whatever we like and be heard without being persecuted physically, and it's only an exploration of ideas rather than trying to convert anyone. But encouraged by the comment, I can only break more boundaries as they are only there to keep us down and hope I can inspire more who read to be open, free and honest.
And at least it showed me I still have a few readers, the comments have been very rare recently.

So which sacred cow can I attack today? There's a mantra which says 'Aham Brahma asmi'- I am God. The theory being what you focus on you become. I'll leave that in the air and let you think on it. And who knows, maybe it will happen?

So take advantage of the freedom, let go, and instead of going 'too far', go even further. Infinite. How far can we go? Maybe the challenge has shown me to push the limits, and with every entry upset, embarrass, shock and surprise as many people as possible. Until it stops doing that and maybe they perceive an element of beauty or art amongst the apparent drivel and chaos. For like the lotus flower lives in the muddiest water and a pearl is in an oyster, a way to hide anything is to surround it by (what looks like) something else. Just a possibility.

The psychedelic post was inspired and freed a part of the mind that beneath the layers of anxiety and stress still believed in magic. The hippies all shared that belief and how they lost it is anyone's guess. The majority took over and left us in isolated ones and twos across the western world and India, but now with the internet we're beginning to find each other again, and coalesce, and find that there really are some left scattered around who never changed, who never lost it, but maintained that current for 40 years.

What's the point of repeating the same old versions of life we all have to endure one way or another every day when there is an aspect to each of us that is, as Carla said, unique, original. Maybe most other people just aren't in touch with it much, or choose to exploit it, but above that is the ability to see the bigger picture, and maybe some people can only have the width of vision they were given by nature, and that cannot be expanded. No one's fault, I can't grow any taller, so what? It's how I was made and the same goes for minds. It's not a pissing contest, it's a test of vision. One where only others can be the judges. It's pretty risky to go out there and put it out for all to see, but I have nothing left to gain by hiding it, so out it came, balls and all.
So, sorry if I offended anyone (which was fully expected and only hoped, as it turned out, no one responded with words of four letters), but rather than try and put me back in my box, why not get a blog yourself if you don't already and write about how special you are. You may find something amazing when you do.
Write from the heart, only write the best things about yourself and don't hold back. Then maybe the real you that's been hiding behind the facade of conformity for so long may emerge and surprise everyone. Far better than moaning as well isn't it?

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Sharon said...

You can only be true to yourself. If you are worrying about what others think then you censor yourself. Keep doing what you are doing. The psychedelic post was inspiring.