Friday, April 07, 2006

Going to extremes

This is the story of my life, as far as what I doand who I am is concerned. I either make people love me or hate me. Friends reunited returns about 20%, the rest remember the wild lunatic who talked about bodily functions and stood outside the classroom more often than anyone else.

I am quieter now but the same underneath. I rebel in a controlled way, but for a positive reason. Not to destroy, but to remove the clouds from people's eyes. Rules are not there to help us but the people who make them more often than not. We are repressed and they are enriched, and often don't follow themselves (eg rich Communist party members). So I see many of these pointless situations and can't keep it quiet. The trouble is I'm either ignored or preach to the converted. Releasing one person is really a miracle but I want all that stuff to go rather than just change a few people to knowing the truth. My ego would love to be known as a great teacher as well, but that is a bonus and not my mission directly.

I did this all my life, as did my mother. The trouble is when you put yourself above (as in an aeroplane's view rather than a car) others they hate you for it. Unless you're advertised and people pay to watch you, just writing it on a blog just pisses most people off. Hard luck. Meanwhile I can't avoid telling the way it is as if I don't I'll be aware of people who are tied up and can't untie them, but have to tell them how to, but they don't usually believe they are.
It helps me as well as if the rules were gone my life would be easier as well.

Imagine no road restrictions (like before the 1970s) and no means tests for sickness benefits. Even stupid boring things like one insurance company who pays every claim as they take and give from the same people. Or even lots of companies doing that, as each claim would average out each way over time (statistical fact). There are more but I'd be arrested as even suggesting certain rules are wrong can be called inciting a crime. They know how to hide the keys to freedom well, by tying up laws so even suggesting we drop them is an offence. Bastards. But like a dripping stream I am slowly wearing them down, but could do with some help guys!

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Sharon said...

It is a sad commentary on the state the world is in when suggesting certain rules are wrong can be called inciting a crime.