Wednesday, April 26, 2006

From the natural to the supernatural.

My imagination is running free at the moment after talking about fantasies. Having slept badly on Monday today is the day after the night before and I am recovering after sleeping properly again.
I just mowed a foot high lawn in the back, the front grew 6 inches in a couple of weeks after I cut it, and I hadn't done the back at all.

So, I've realised that unlike a computer, when life freezes there's no way it reboots. I certainly haven't got the switch to do it anyway, and neither has the supernatural. My father, relatively down to earth, read the same books I did about angels but actually believes them. I can't as the times I've needed outside help the best they did (which wasn't too bad, but in a negative way rather than creative) was to cancel arrangements for me when I didn't want to do them. Occasionally they present something I'd lost when I'm looking for something else, but I think that's the limit.

The synchronicities are real but neutral, that is they don't help me, they just are. They do help the people who ask me a question just after I've read the answer, but not me. I've got an appointment soon, then the rest of the day (not much left) is mine. There's nowhere to go besides a walk which I'm sure I will do, but a lot on TV later on. I'll also have a crack at all the papers which have piled up again as that's ideal in a blank spot.
But at least I've cleared the toughies last week, and tough they were, and vitally important, my career and my health. My annual renewal for my certificate has been sent off now, as I can only practice for a year at a time and have to keep studying to retain it. I also had an unusual number of visitors last week for a change, which I can't see happening this week somehow.

I am left with a formula. I have researched the supernatural for 14 years ever since I left college. By 'research' (people often have varying ideas) I mean a year of weekly classes in a batch of two halves, in 1991-2 and 2001. Then setting up my own practice group with a few very talented members to test the limits of what we could do. I also follow up as many claims as I can, including spending hundreds of pounds at exhibitions to test equipment (some actually seems to work as well).

The conclusions seem almost over. I can guarantee there is a field of information open to all and containing all we just have to tap into, called the Akashic records. Not only do I use it but many people I know have been shown or inspired to as well, and amazes the many skeptics who now find they can pick up information they shouldn't know.
This extends to telepathy, which is as poorly developed in man as a mole's sight, but there and improves with practice. Everything also has an aura as I was allowed to see them a few times with the help of my teacher but almost impossible to without her presence.
Energy is real, and can be transmitted from person to person regardless of distance, and as kundalini can be felt as powerful sexual energy anywhere in the body, though I've come across no changes as a result of it being raised.
And then the coincidences. All the rest can be explained by science, extending forces we know to human abilities. But coincidences are the bridge between normal and paranormal. Out of our control and random, but as real as anything else that happens to us.

I no longer expect to find more than one more power, which is apporting. That is transmitting matter at a distance in the same way as thought, and I can't do it but met people who have. It was explained as using the same channels to move denser energy, ie matter, as well as thought and kundalini/chi energy, so again would be totally scientific and possible now at quantum levels in laboratories. So I have to exploit what I know to its furthest degree, and forget the aliens, ufos, entities and spirits and other dimensions. God wasn't really a part of this and my meditation/enlightenment path is a separate one not requiring any psychic powers on the way. I have to deliberately use my own clairvoyance whenever I can so it becomes as natural as my other senses, and develop any telpathic links I have with others I know to try and send and receive messages verified by third parties. And to link so well to the Akashic records I could aim to copy Yogananda who said we can all know anything just by tuning in to it, which is true if the lines were better. And like the gym these are improved by exercise. So I have a plan now, and if suddenly I get a surprise and find one of the 'dead areas' awakens as well, all the better. But I've stopped looking. If there's such a thing as levitation or spirits they'll have to come to me now. I've spent too long looking in the wrong places, and don't believe anywhere is right really at all.


Sharon said...

Akashic records..what do you use to tap into it? Meditation, yogic breathing. You know this would be an interesting blog topic all on its own.

David said...

Nothing as complex.
Method one: Ask a question, clear your mind and the answer may pop in.
Method two: Spontaneous answers/names/creations are given to you directly.

All spiritual practices increase your sensitivity. It's not a toughie, we can all do this easily.