Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Back already

Why can't I do script here like I do on all my other places? Surely not too much to expect? Anyway, the day is now almost over, and went pretty well after 2 weeks of constant illness. I did my first little errand this afternoon very easily, though didn't try any more and having to get up for an appointment earlier meant by 7 PM I felt like I'd been up for a whole day when in fact I hadn't. But it's gradually improving and I hope to do another essential job or two tomorrow once I have the time.
I've done 3 lots of Funtrivia challenges today (resets every 6 hours) and have finally bumped my average up after a slump raising a division, as the questions get harder. The crap I have learnt is growing, and means my Mastermind and University Challenge scores get the odd boost when a question I just did (Cruciferae for example) then appears on a TV quiz where I answer along with the contestants. Little practical use but impresses people in quizzes.

Meanwhile my beard is over a week old and actually looks OK. I will probably remove it for a certain person in case it shocks her but now I know how it looks may let it grow back. Making someone look 'old' at 46 is hardly an innacuracy. It's about a 50-50 black and white mix in patches and as a result looks more like the fur of a cat or horse than a person. What's that, you want to see, hold on... It's here!

I must say when I looked in the mirror and thought I saw David Baddiel I got a surprise, but he's got a cracking girlfriend and if it works for him...

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Sharon said...

I like the beard look.