Thursday, July 20, 2006


I have nothing in particular but will write about it. At least work comes to me and I can manage the odd hour here and there so am not losing as much as I could from the germs. The replies are creeping in, one by one, and the latest is the next TV schedule comes out at the end of this month to see if I'm there or wait another month and then another.
Patience is forced on you when you have a disease with its own plans. It comes, stays and goes in its time, not yours. Like every aspect of life but this one is obvious unlike the other traps we are all caught in. Earning a little money is clearly important so can't take away the validity of that, but it's a shame in this weather I don't really have a lot I can do in it besides stroke the cat in the front garden. No way am I going shopping, but when I go to grandma later hope I pass somewhere open with a parking space as I really don't want to miss half my supplies in the kitchen.

When I ought to have my nose in a female rather than a book life seems a bit of a waste of time. And imagining I don't deserve anything unless I have a job is a learnt illusion from family, friends and enemies which I don't need either. The people with the most haven't done the most to get them, it's just a random sort of distribution. Thinking 'Of course I won't get much until I contribute to the world' is cack, as when I did things weren't any different besides some very inadequate women. Being made to sit indoors and do nothing makes you dwell on all the inner conflicts even more than usual as there's no competition. I am free at least. Somehow my shopping will get done, it's pure neurosis as I'm so used to getting what I need before I run out, and as we don't get viruses every week am not going to be in this position for too long. It just demonstrates another way living alone stinks, and if any woman on earth without a control issue wishes to join me and do some shopping as well please leave a note in the box.

Clitoral stimulators? They make and sell these rubber implements to adjoin the finger. Can you imagine any animal using extra hardware to stimulate their partners? Talk about selling ice to the eskimos. A human body has every possible texture and technique to stimulate even the most stubborn lady button on the planet without hooking a piece of rubber more resembling the thimbles used by cashiers to count money. If a woman needs her clitoris stimulated by someone else for a change than their own means, I can prove there's no need for any extra appliances as I have every known method within my own abilities, and it's 99.99% currently wasted. I also know a few things to do in other places that add to the experience, but you'll have to take me up on the offer before you find them out. The brain is clever enough to locate a few other places next to the naughty areas so if you tweak them as well it joins in with the main event. Having also practiced solitary tantra I've learnt many of these routes directly and you'd be amazed what hooks up together with other places. Money being no object I could have a queue of customers for most of the day and service them one by one and only cost £10 a go as that's the most I can afford to spend...

I suspect few men know or care how to satisfy a woman, another reason my lack of a sex life is so tragic. I'm one of the few who knows and puts it into practice. It's why I'm on this earth and hardly anyone cares.

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