Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Political incorrectness on every front. Possibly a record

Back again, unknown topic but I hand it over to God, (as in the book 'Conversations with God) and other channeled material, and see what is put into my page. I have the freedom to do so, nice weather, a nice view from work today (I can't say any more but use your imagination) and no early start tomorrow. So the space and freedom is here, and the first thing I'll do tomorrow is go to the environmental centre and take some pictures. The women around me of desirable quality are growing in number, and sooner or later one of them has to crack and let me give them one (or more). And the weather takes the clothes off the women every year and means I have to use my ability to look in two directions when I'm driving again.

Well none of that was from God, that was all me. God may have made their bodies as well as mine, and one at least ought to have my name on it. I know women aren't visually stimulated like we are and if a naked male model walked in front of them they'd be more likely to comment on their personal hygiene than get turned on. One less reason to believe God made us. You don't create one sex as a prey for the other, they should fit together smoothly and easily and not constantly be plagued by misunderstanding and conflict. It's in the design and so many gay men save themselves the trouble as they just walk up to each other, ask if they fancy a shag and walk off afterwards. I couldn't do that with a man for any prize on earth, but it sure takes out the stress factor. I can't imagine what it's like for lesbians as so many women won't chat up a man how the hell do they decide which is going to chat the other up? Of course the man haters would say they are only inhibited as they hate men, but love women so have no problem approaching them. Another design fault. I think the women who are straight but talk about men as second class citizens they only touch as nature forced them to do it are only one step away from lesbians, and often go both ways. And of course should they become feminists would (as I see so often) treat their boyfriends like god but every other man like the devil.They can't stick to their own principles when it affects their own pleasure.

Having spent 5-6 years working in Camden and then Haringey community centres I was pitched right into the middle of the muesli society, bearded ladies, dungarees, Ken Livingstone's buddies and basically the worst of the upper middle class intelligentsia who should have known better. They talk one thing and do the opposite. They talk about taxing the rich and live in Hampstead in houses worth a million or more, women calling men oppressive while they have 6 kids from two different partners, and every other dreadful aspect of hypocrisy you can think of. It's partly because of them and partly my left wing college training that has put me on the path of total political incorrectness. My Jamaican friend is the first to have a go about the bloody foreign criminals who flood our London boroughs. She is a decent law abiding citizen who dislikes crooks and cheats coming here taking money set aside for British citizens in need. She will call anyone anything as it's true, and she's not interested in offending the loony left. If she was to join the council and say a word against the immigrants they'd challenge her views but not her right to say it- why, because she's black. If a white person said the identical comments as her they'd be labelled by the local council as undesirable and banned from every local activity. The fact we both speak the truth is irrelevant. They hate the truth as it totally fucks up their theories of 'equality'.

Yes, people who can't speak English, kill children and unsuitable relatives, spit in the street, take drugs, import illegal substances, organise illegal immigration, get free travel in London reserved only for severely disabled British citizens, etc etc are equal. Don't trust me, trust the BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/3828675.stm

Of course they're not fucking equal!!!!

Am I going to be prosecuted now? If these morons didn't skew the picture so heavily with their lies it wouldn't need me and friends like I have to do the opposite. London is being slowly destroyed by people with little civilisation who are blocking services from people who used to get them relatively easily. The queues for help now are phenomenal. The money put aside for social services isn't increasing, so someone has to lose out. So they are now going to claw back millions from ill people by getting them off benefits. They'll probably end up in hospital as frankly most can't work and if they lose their benefits will have no other way to survive. There isn't enough to go around and there is even less if the politically correct brigade say it's fine to mix criminals and peasants in what used to be the most sophisticated city in the world. And there isn't any racism involved. As I said, if my friend had written this (as she willingly would, word for word) she'd be accepted as she's 'unbiased'. Well if it's true we all have the right to say so.
The Nigerians I know fit into London perfectly as they share many of the same values as the people here. And many of the influx I refer to are very white indeed, and from the ex-communist bloc. It's a class and civilisation issue. And respect. People who refuse to learn a language and then insult the country that pays all their bills should be deported on the next military jet. They are exactly the same as the travellers who came here every year for a month, destroyed the scenery, left filth all over the park, stole from the residents and sold shoddy goods illegally, until the park put up metal posts to stop the caravans from getting in. It's the vermin mentality, the locust intent of looting and pillaging the area where others live and then moving on when you've got all you can out of it. Thank goodness there are a few other people I know will agree with this before I get prosecuted for telling the truth. Until that's the law thank goodness I can say things the way they are and only alienate a few people who I wouldn't have touched with a bargepole anyway.
And anyone who still believes a word I said is racist hasn't the brains to raise their hats. My issue is with people who treat their adopted countries with contempt and have no ability to contribute while taking as much as they are able to. Our spastic government (may as well be hung for a sheep than a lamb eh?) encourage them as for whatever reason it suits their policies to drive the country downmarket. But don't think they can do it without some opposition, even if only my 50 regular readers see it and 48 disagree. But I bet those who do have never even been to England, let alone urban London. It's a bloody disaster area.

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