Friday, July 21, 2006

A little bit of politics on a Friday

Sometimes things happen. My friend emailed from America, the woman I have been waiting for is on her way here sooner or later (hopefully next week) and the next Sky schedule comes out in 2 weeks, which may or may not have my programme in it. The week since my spots came out has been a mixture, I reckon I did half of what I normally do, which considering I've had a virus isn't too bad. Normally if you share a house someone will go and collect your prescription and shopping for you, I have to get my parents to do it when they have the chance which is something but needs organising.

I've totally had enough of feeling ill now as it started a few days before the spots came out, as you do with chicken pox. It did get me out of an event on Sunday, which is the one silver lining so I can't be totally buggered by it. Otherwise I am being forced to focus on now, and not care about anything that may or not be ahead as besides the TV nothing more is known.

I do wonder if blogs actually offend people. I only say what I believe to be how things are, and deliberately say things here as others rarely do outside closed doors. I think as far as Muslims go I've been able to leave it to them, as there's nothing I could add when they call the west immoral and then kill their daughters for marrying the wrong person. Even Max Clifford can't put a positive spin on that. Like terrorists, of course only a small percent of muslims do both, but sadly almost no one else worldwide does either any more. And people who come to the country where I was born and are at best neutral to the existing residents, not learning English and managing to get a range of benefits impossible for able bodied existing citizens such as free transport and instant social housing. These are the sort of things Londoners see every day and keep quiet in the main as they don't want to be seen as racist, even though they aren't. And even if people keep within their own borders the world population is growing so fast the little resources, particularly energy and fresh water will become less and less adequate. No wonder global warming's become such a big issue. If they can divert our attention with an irrelevant fairy story so much we take our eyes off the real ball and one day we'll wake up and not find petrol at £2 a litre, there just won't be any.

Then the supermarkets will start running out of food, and bingo, we'll be back in the third world after a few hundred years dragging ourselves into being a civilised country. But this will be the whole world as no oil equals no transport. We'll be growing our own food and in many ways leading a better life than we did before, except in many places such as Britain there won't be enough room for all the people to manage and we'll end up with plagues resetting the population back to sensible levels. Global warming can't hold a candle to the real issues even if it does exist. Lack of oil means we need to use less for heating and naturally higher temperatures would be a very tidy way of lowering energy use, particularly in this part of the world. I even remember a dentists drill which worked by using a pedal, like a potter's wheel. Things may have to be done the old ways again, but they'll be done.

Meanwhile the Muslims are kicking 7 kinds of shit out of Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else they feel like it such as India. We can't stop them as they are not a rogue country with a rogue leader like we're used to, they are spread evenly across the world near enough and are happy to die as long as they kill more people in the process. That's a viral type of enemy. Kill them and you kill the hosts. They hide in schools and mosques so it's impossible to get them without getting innocent people, a trick they've used as long as history. The Geneva convention and anything else applies to everyone except them. They attack Israel, a sovereign nation who is passive unless provoked, and half the world still blames Israel. They have such a magical hold over the evil and stupid of the world that unless people like me remind the neutrals who the real bad guys are when they pop up yet again they'll win the war of opinion regardless of what happens in the world. I don't care about the motivation and proportion of terrorists, just as I wouldn't with any murderers. They are the lowest type of criminals, and the fact they use religion to justify it is like a schizophrenic saying the devil told them to do it. The result is the same and the victim or their family are no better knowing why they were killed. So we can never stop them blowing people up, but we can learn to disapprove of them, which seems to depend on who is killed and where. If it's in London they're evil bastards, but when they do it in Iraq or Israel somehow it's our fault for encouraging them. Schizophrenics and psychopaths don't need encouraging. They do it because they enjoy doing it and believe they have a right to. Most convicted criminals will try and justify what they did but condemn nearly every other crime. Selective blindness. If any other sod did what the Muslims do there wouldn't be a person disagreeing with it, but put a Muslim in their place and suddenly everyone in Camden is looking for their motivation. Well, Lady Jenny Tonge, it's simple. To kill people. Is that enough? Apparently not. They need a full historical and psychological analysis and then balance their rights against the rights of the victims who surely (just like the Jews during the holocaust) must have done something to provoke such a reaction.

Of course, the Nazi attitude is being revived in a new form so hard to recognise until you see the way they do it is identical. The Nazi sympathisers blamed the Jews for being killed in the war, the Muslim sympathisers blame the Jews for being killed in their civil war. Nothing has changed. If America was anti Israel I doubt many intellectuals would criticise them for what they are doing in Iraq, but as they are seen as the sole supporters of the people who killed Christ (they didn't actually, but don't let facts stand in the way of hate), anything they do is intimately connected with it. And anyone who helps them like us is branded the same. The Israelis are used to it and care less than the diaspora who look on in amazement as week by week a different group of Arabs attack them, all with the sole aim of wiping the country out, as they've never lived any differently and never lost a war, with or without outside help. The only saving grace is very few Arab nations join in to help each time things kick off, though at the moment Iran are supplying half the arms. It's not even an Arab country by the way, they were invaded by them and are very advanced and decent people otherwise. It's only the ruling ayatollahs who keep it in the stone age, and like China or North Korea the people have little they can do about it.

Anyway, job done, if anyone gets offended they are missing the point but I'm not stopping.

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