Saturday, July 15, 2006


Well, it seems the worst is over, once the spots come out you start feeling better. It's a strange kind of freedom as well as I can't go to the gym so can do whatever I please today knowing there's no time limit, and apart from the clients who have had to cancel due to germs present, anyone in my position will lose money when ill. I just wrote another quiz for Funtrivia (only my 7th) on toilets. I don't remember how it came to me but once it did I had it sewn up in an hour or so. I prefer to write quizzes on things I know inside out, and that was one area I do that I hadn't exploited.
Well I'm just about to go for a walk (that is allowed), watch a video from yesterday and who knows. Otherwise there's a long term wait for the usual suspects, though oddly I've had no response on the article I sent off at the weekend. Whether the best looking girl I'd ever met at the time (1972) will reply to my letter now I've located her is in the balance, and stupidly I sent her the only picture I had of her at the time, realised I should have the negatives and so far have found one lot but not the other from that trip. Unlike me I also have no idea where her letter is she sent me at the time as I have a box for all these, and would never have let it out of its proper place unless I read it and forgot to put it back.

I may also have a beard by the end of the week as I won't be shaving until the spots go away, but are frankly better covered up than obvious. But I'm feeling a lot better now so can use whatever time I have a little more, and like always wish the outside world would provide something of its own to add to the experience, not including viruses. It's two parts, we do our best, but the outside world randomly provides the results to our starts, and outside the realm of academic and TV it's been wholly lacking in mine for a very long time. In fact I think I've managed pretty well given what are really dire circumstances, ie total isolation, mimimum income and unreliable health. How the hell can anyone remain happy or cheerful for long when there's little to help it? I will say when I feel OK health wise after illness I do realise for a while that feels good whatever's happening, but shit happens outside as well, and it's a step up to maintain that feeling when something awful comes through the letterbox or over the phone. And of course that's when having another person to share the work would help. Dream on, it will probably never happen.
So, a bit of a mixture of both here, but another lesson from the Big Brother house to end with, yesterday two people said they could live there for ever, and technically it has everything anyone really needs. If you like the place and the people, going out becomes redundant after a while as all you need is there. I'm like that here now, and the more people who realise life is where they are, not somewhere 'out there', people will learn to be content with being part of a community rather than going out all the time for entertainment.

I still wonder why all my readers are so shy only one person signed my visitors box last week. I am disappointed...

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