Saturday, July 29, 2006

Free speech

Another day, but what can I tell you about it? No energy today, I spent 3 hours in the online quiz and now have to get everything ready before I go to my Dad's. Even if the house was burning down I think I'd have to post on my blog before I left with the computer under my arm, it's as if there's something I have to say and though I now have no idea who reads it (besides two people) I will carry on. Popularity. That's a good one. I wonder what I do or don't do that makes people come and go. I know what makes me come and go, when someone used to write about their life and their blog has now more or less become taken over by one subject.
Mind you I still read, often hoping they've changed the subject, but it's not entertaining any more. I haven't got one subject that takes over whatever I start writing, I used to go on about enlightenment but once I met Nick Roach it started making more sense. OK, some people get so comfortable with a single issue it takes over their mind for months or more, but I can't think of anything that interesting, if there was I'd probably be doing it instead of this.

Otherwise my direct approach puts me on par with Jesus (as told by a Christian), so you are either with me or against me, apparently. But my disciples (my arse) have been leaving in droves. I admit should any of my third world neighbours learn English and become friendly I may change my opinion of them as individuals. The other side of overcrowding is not their fault, our government actively let them in and look after them so it's their fault, Australia has 100 times the space but refuses to let almost anyone in. Apart from the Poles who are usually very much like the English it just happens the latest influx has either been criminal or so isolated they have nothing in common with anyone outside their own community. It takes years to assimilate and learn English even if you want to, so although maybe in ten years the same people who huddle in crowds in the streets and waiting rooms of North London speaking a strange language wearing black sheets will begin to mix with everyone else. But until then it's not surprising it makes me feel just a little bit uncomfortable. I have no idea what the people are like, and that's half the problem, they can't express themselves or get to know us as they don't speak English very much at the moment. Anyway, I have tried to explain what may have been controversial and at least one person here agreed with me. And sadly when the children of those people are born here and openly express contempt for the locals as I described before it just makes me even more cynical.

But I'm far far more concerned with the overcrowding than who the people are. So far none of them has stolen from me, but hundreds if not thousands have waited in interminable queues in front of me over the ten years I've lived here, and as I said, that's our government's fault as they choose to allow millions of new arrivals in almost regardless, unless they're American and didn't have the right paperwork. That will get you deported in a week, it proves they can do it.
I hope I've cleared that point up as far as I can but those who left probably won't ever read it, but it's here in case they do. It is the highest concetration of immigrants in the country here so if anyone starts complaining it'll be likely to be in Brent. So we get labelled as racists until some wise guy actually visits the area and can't believe it.

But I've spent all my life speaking my mind. I actually think about what I say before I decide to say it and am always prepared to change my mind or justify it. Like anyone in the media I try and make sure I'm not breaking the law first and if not, fuck public opinion. Most of the public don't get that many things and if someone doesn't point them out over and over again they'll take all the crap the politicians give them and accept it blindly. Of course the sea level's rising. About half an inch a year. Very dangerous. Of course the world temperature is rising, 0.6' a century. That'll have the coconuts growing in Trafalgar Square in about 4500. If you look behind the headlines so much is lies and so easy to find. I use my intuition. If something sounds wrong it nearly always is. And years of training and education to get my facts right means I can't rely on intuition (even though it's usually right) but then have to research it to make sure people believe me. If you saw the stuff I don't write here you'd probably crap yourselves. I can break nearly every taboo on earth, and still use the golden rule 'Do as to others as they would do to you'.

My rules are based on allowing freedom. Morals be damned, every country in the world has different laws based on the morals of the day they were written (Queen Victoria in our case), and they are all based on fear, imagination and control. Why do they allow smoking and alcohol and not heroin? Either drugs are bad or they're not. But they make money from the legal ones although alcohol and tobacco kill more people than illegal drugs and global warming. They are full of shit and have an axe to grind. I haven't. I see through it and tell as many people as I can. They say 'Prove it'. I do my best but the evidence isn't conclusive or they wouldn't use the threads of truth in their stories that make the rest look true as well. The temperature is rising/ SO it's going to rise even more X and it's our fault X. See what I mean. They make it all up to suit them, the energy companies are coming in their pants with the huge prices they charge to keep usage down, and we are being trodden on like ants. It's my money they use, my energy bills (not for the car but the house) are about 3 times higher than a year ago. That's because of global warming and unregulated businesses. The tax the government get from these huge amounts makes them push prices as high as they can as then it subsidises what they give back to the masses to keep their votes. But they ripped it off us in the first place to give it back! Ican see it, why can't everyone else?

I won't give up, I am technically being selfish as all this crap affects me but I would feel just as bad even if it didn't. Would you like your life to be as easy as possible or as hard? As I said yesterday, in say 1970 life was relatively easy. No mobile phones, computers, satellite TV but everything else was fine and what we didn't know we didn't miss. Life was pretty good. Of course all the technology would have been nice as well but we didn't care. And if you do want to cack your pants, don't imagine the things I can't say here but look up world population graphs and that should do it. It certainly did for me, where's the paper?

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