Friday, July 21, 2006

Dropping out

I've finally realised, without planning or deciding it, I've dropped out. I've actually been dropped out, and as such may as well make the most of it. It's not a disability or crime, it's being outside everyone elses' issues. While middle England spends 50 hours a week working and getting to and from work, I sit on the outside watching the sheep, bees, ants and other herding animals as if it's another world.

Not deliberately or casting any aspersions on them, but as a true hippy have been forced to put my lack of money where my mouth was and follow my principles. Many jobs people do produce nothing (public relations would be the first to go in my world) and people waste most of their life purely in order to pay their bills, and convince themselves that they are actually helping society. Like fuck they are. I know lawyers employed by huge companies purely to get round health and safety and fair trade laws. Bastards. We are a world populated and run by crooks, and I choose not to participate in a dishonest workplace. My old boss used to lie to customers as a matter of course, including illegally. That's the standard attitude, tell them what they want to hear, but give them what you want to sell them. Who cares if it's what they asked for or need, as long as you make the maximum profit. Not in my life. There's no need, I've seen two shops do well simply by providing the best quality stuff at the best prices. Richer Sounds. Check them out. Made the boss (one of my best friends once) one of the richest people in the world, and kitted me out with the top 20 plus year old stereo equipment that mainly still works. If anyone's in business follow Richer's, and learn from the best, not the worst like BT or McDonalds (let the buggers sue me then). I bet my cat would walk straight past a big mac, just as I would, and I love burgers normally.

So back to my point. The second stage of dropping out is attracting money. It's easier and weirder than you think. By following your heart and doing what you want when you want you tend to earn money. Think about it. If you stop a crap job and start painting or making music someone somewhere may want to pay you for it sooner or later. If I die or reach retirement age and look at my catalogue of pictures, articles and TV appearances I'll know I used my talents to their maximum, unlike people with just as much who haven't time to use them. Women or not I can still create and always will as long as life allows me. On a similar note I just read Youtube is the 16th most popular site on earth. I have 17 videos there and though one was just called disgusting (it is, that was the point) someone not only saw it but made the effort to use the facility to comment. Drifting off I wonder if my loony (we all have one sometime of our net lives) still reads this? I could find out by tomorrow but won't as it would start her off again, but it just shows what depths you can discover in people's psyches when pushed far enough. Frightening and lucky such a distance away. On the opposite side someone from Funtrivia just sent me a lovely postcard, and if she didn't live so far away I'd have gone round there and given her a kiss.

Two posts in one day? Using the time you see. No TV besides Big Brother live, and little else to do. Finally I can wonder over further steps I could reach on my dropping out journey. Giving talks would be nice, sharing my philosophy gained through trial and error and little from others. There are a few firm rules I know that work but few know and fewer care about. So instead they argue, become paranoid and get ego problems. And sex. The taboos and hangups most people have there mean (as Freud described) the energy gets diverted, and by many men into violence and women into being bloody bitchy to everyone. Because they're not getting any. And why aren't they getting any? Because half the world's religions say it's wrong and dirty. I have a lot to compete with. Turn that oil tanker around before people start to become free, that started in the 60s and with Aids turned right back to Queen Victoria's views. What a bummer. People just start enjoying themselves and a virus comes along. A bit like my life now as it happens, but mine is curable. Anyway, by limiting availability to sex makes most people very nasty sooner or later, and part of my talks would be about letting it all hang out. Last time I said this an old friend from college spent weeks slagging me off. It's this very attitude I fight to remove, but feminists abound and are the antichrist to the hippies, telling the hippie chicks to cover up and complaining about beards being men wearing their pubic hair on their faces. Better than having it in their brains I suppose...

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