Sunday, July 16, 2006


Well, due to the chicken pox besides the TV there’s little else I can do at the moment besides write stuff. Drawing on memory and imagination is required, except for one experience when I tried to go out earlier (due to extreme boredom, not because I was feeling better), the woman I met 2 weeks ago who I added to my ‘invite over ‘ list was heading straight towards me with her friends as I headed in her direction. Of all the spots I have, more are on my face than anywhere else, and I look worse than Stephen Hendry at his peak, with pus and sores aplenty, and the beginnings of a beard to make it look a complete derelict. If she was considering whether to see me before, having seen the medieaval effects of the herpes virus (another definite reason to believe if there is a god it’s not our friend), combined with the irresponsible attitude of daring to leave the house with a contagious illness, has probably swung any slight chance I had there swiftly into the gutter.
And she looked 10 years younger than I thought she was (it was dark when I met her) so a possible prospect who may now be buried in the strata of fossilised remains of women who I have been turned down by.

So that’s the actual current life side today, the rest is all theory. No idea what but that’s the challenge. The week ahead is a little more predictable as I’ve just had to cancel a week’s business. I can’t be seen in anywhere public covered in spots and may well not be well enough to. It’s set to be really hot so whatever needs to be done in the house and garden (very little, most is done) will be. I am calling the TV channel otherwise the programme is bound to be shown before I know about it. There’s a 50-50 chance the woman I wrote to from a holiday in 1972 will bother to reply, and the rest remains to be seen.

My research has also reached a holiday. Unless the aliens or spoonbenders come here and show me I am beginning to wonder if I'll ever find out what's behind all the reports, or find there was nothing in the first place. I have begun meditating again a little which needs to be increased for anything to be expected to happen. I wrote the second part of my experiences and theories on enlightenment last week which hasn’t actually received a reply from either of the people I sent it to, which is odd, unless one of them is away. But even the things I had been waiting for took weeks longer than expected, so regardless of the outcome I don’t really see a lot ahead for the week. Even if I had visitors in the normal course of affairs, despite the fact you can’t get chicken pox again few friends would dare to come round as the illusion is far greater than the reality. So in a way the week is like this entry, restricted and completely unplanned. I hope the actual time is more interesting than what I’ve written here though…


Anonymous said...

my condolences, mate.

yea, when you mentioned yesterday about going out...i couldn't believe it...i thought it either an act of extreme bravery or total cluelessness.

you can't blame people not wanting to see such a horror show---and it really is quite sickening.

you poor slob! a perfect nightmare! like something from a woody allen movie! :D

and you write about it without any melodrama...i'd be hardpressed to even admit it much less write about it without conveying a strong sense of disbelief and dismay.

changing the subject:
a bunch of posts ago you alluded to the possibility that uri geller had admitted to being a fake, do you remember? could you explain what you meant or where you heard it from?


David said...

Thanks Al, much appreciated.
As for Uri Geller, it was the very person himself who said it. He said he doesn't want anyone to prove if he's real or not as it would ruin the image. Not a good career move unless he was just about to be found out as a cheat already. But it does mean he has cast a doubt over his own veracity so impossible now for anyone to research. But I know others who say they can do it, but are not that forthcoming either.