Saturday, July 01, 2006

A bit more everything

Saturday, 12.55am.

Yes, Marcus Bentley has got me again (UK big brother guys, try and keep up!). Fairly reasonable day off today, and as chance would have it actually bumped into someone I know at the end of my road, the second time I remember in 8 years round here. She looked absolutely stunning (even more than usual, which is hard) and is another notch in my gravestone of disasters. Following the two 'you're like a brother' cracks, she was the first 'you're like a father'. Child abuse, wonderful. I'm only 16 years older for chrissake...

Anyway, it almost felt like a community for 2 minutes, and I proceeded on my bike to get washing powder and milk as if part of a TV soap. Bollocks it is. Then I took a walk I'd taken since I was about 6 from my best friend's old house half way to where we lived and back to take some photos. You can see them as always on flickr (look to the left of the page). Tomorrow of course England play the unpredictable Portugal in the World Cup, and technically they ought to win but you can't tell. Brazil, Germany or Italy next. I'd say Italy are the better bet, then Germany, and Brazil we may as well buy the tickets home before the match. Now I've just caught up with all my internet work since I got home, ordered 100 photo prints from Switzerland (a few hours to print, a week to get here), done my quizzes (maximum 5 every 6 hours) with no outstanding scores, fed the cat and had some more to eat.

It's possible to keep busy on your own but restricted to things which basically make you more of a geek/anorak. I've learnt the Germans made cars called a Gutbrod and a Stoewer, which despite encyclopaedic knowledge of obscure car makes was news to me. I found Courtney Love was in a band called Hole (never heard a note she's done, not exactly popular in Britain, like the pretty little known Grateful Dead. They are probably the biggest band in the world not known or played in Britain (except by geeks, I suspect) and Courtney Love will only ever be famous as the partner of a dead man rather than having performed anything of value.

So I am still free, it did last the week and besides finishing the picture at last have taken some more nice photos, seen a friend and precious little else as I intended. Suits me.

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