Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This and that

Plan a: A good idea, have something set up to do. Plan b: Beyond the call of duty considering how unusual it is to have a plan a at all. So the torrential rain today forced my plan to take photos to another day, and the good news is after being told my copy of Windows isn't fake, just faulty, I got all my updates today, which originally was impossible once the spyware they dropped on me had taken hold. I have absolutely no idea what they'll do as like most updates, not a thing has changed. I then tried to upgrade to IE7 and found it's not only a test version but didn't agree with my computer but at least I tried.

My photos arrived sooner as expected as they have opened a British centre so only had to come from Hull rather than Switzerland. The c**ts still charged the same postage though, which must have them rubbing their hands over a few thousand transactions a week. But they all looked good and I now am wondering whether to blow up the best gardens I took and try and make an exhibition from them as someone suggested. I'd really need to buy a printer and added to the paper would cost a small fortune so I think I'll wait for a sponsor who believes in investing in me. It's not impossible as with the internet I can send anything anywhere, and it's pure luck if anyone who gets something likes it. Otherwise I continue to send myself in the direction of any woman who doesn't look like a monster, until one shows interest as well. I really believe unless you're in prison you will always meet women somehow, and the smaller the community the easier it is. Convenience counts far more than personal qualities when you both need it. Having spent at least of a year of my life in Devon, basically if you get most Devon women drunk the sky's the limit. I think this applies to the adjoining counties as well from the visiting talent we had over the years. In London however you could give a woman a cheque for £1 million and it wouldn't get you anywhere. Most women here seem to beieve their honour is so important you've got to be perfect before they'll even consider you, and then want a load of other things to seal the bargain. Life's so simple in the countryside, and no need for it not to be here if people would unlearn all the crap that comes with overcrowding, isolation and the dreadful behaviour that comes with it.

Having done so little today there isn't a lot more I can tell you. My system has grown (the list of possible happy events) but the timetable for all is long term, and one woman I emailed seems to have gone a bit funny since last week but that's not like her so should turn out OK. Otherwise any more than what's possible would be a miracle, and I'll be lucky if any of the knowns actually happen besides the TV programmes which would be crazy if they abandoned them at this stage. Tomorrow is free most of the day, maybe that'll produce a little more than empty philosophy.

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