Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Freedom again

That is the one major asset of not having a job, when you're free you really are free. I have done a little work already, and still have my clients but they are not a problem in the freedom picture. So I've been taking and sorting a pile of printed photos, including some a couple of years old where the camera appeared to have opened, but luckily most of the ones I wanted came out.
Resting on laurels can be comfortable, but in my case it's a couple of months before any of my seeds grow into seedlings (not trees for a bit longer) and I'll carry on regardless until then.

My system is a little bigger than usual, I've sent off another article and a letter and had about 3 email replies over the weekend to my latest batch. This all implies control, the last batch took over 2 months for the first reply, all after reminders, these all replied over one weekend. No technical difference between them, just a different phase.
So I await:

Four visits from incredibly sexy women
Details of my friend's activities abroad
Will my next article be used
Two TV dates
A letter from a woman I met on holiday (now married) in 1972

Out of those I suspect one woman will materialise (5% chance of use of body), and my friend by about 2007 if I'm lucky, plus the TV details as they're business and probable internet posting of the article as it follows an existing one. The woman should write back but not a chance there of course. Longer term I really hope I can earn enough from writing or appearing on TV so I can earn my own money again. I manage now but it's not guaranteed. But time wise most are in the months area so resting on laurels is literally killing time so I can't rely on that. Despite my first proper TV appearance being ignored by other media, the viewers were spread so widely and thinly that was hardly a surprise, but the next (I'll have to check) could attract maybe 300,000 UK viewers. I just checked and my theory Sky One gets about 10 times the viewers as Discover Science was dead on. Comes from a lifetime watching TV, so I may get half a million if lucky. That could mean one person I know catching it by chance, which is an improvement.

The trouble is my system has so few major issues on it (going back most of my life) it's only there to remind me what I've already started in case it materialises. Few do, and from those which do most are trivial, like replies from people I knew 30 years ago, and the others don't last or have any effect at all in the short term, like my articles and single minority TV appearance. But it adds up incredibly gradually, until it reaches the tipping point from total obscurity to fame. That is a pretty clear line as well, I see it happening to many people and know when it does. That could bring money and even people (including of the opposite sex) into my life, which are all virtually at a minimum right now. Well, though the weather is warm and sunny I've been online solidly since my little spell of work, also as I refuse to go on late for a week as I've been so tired I want to see if going to bed early will make any difference. And there's been nothing on TV to get me away from here either so I can only use what I have. I called LBC again about 3.45 to tell Iain Lee about who I'd seen from Monty Python/The Goodies (no idea why he wanted to know) but as I worked in Hampstead where they nearly all lived I've seen half of them, plus Monty Python on stage in 1974. The only one I spoke to was Bill Oddie (why I called originally as that's who he asked about) who let me in front of him in a camera shop about 25 years ago and is actually one of the 7 men alive who is shorter than I am.

Luckily so was Dudley Moore, so I have a role model who was successful in every aspect of his life besides his health, which can happen to anyone, and by this age I think I've finally got used to it.

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