Thursday, October 26, 2006

Another day another dropping

Now I have my title I have to decide what to write on it. Like films that spend more trouble on the name than the crap they put in it. Most just remake old films with new wanky actors now who are either drug addicts or gay, or both. At least they didn't go public about it in the old days. Anyway, back to my long long story that never ends (till I die, and I won't be reporting that). Plus a photo

Anyway. Friends Reunited is such a bunch of crap at times, raising hopes for nothing. You email a bunch of people including who may have been quite a good friend and nothing. Of course 99% of the girls are happily married now so had I been I doubt I'd evn have joined. Besides tracking down a few guys who may have drifted off and would be worth getting in touch with if I was sorted on the female front I'd not only have no reason to look up old girlfriends but would be an insult to my wife. So all these married women are presumably just wanting to gossip with similar about their kids, how many vaccinations they've had, what they're doing at ballet classes and whether they want them to go to Oxford, Cambridge or Yale. What a waste of bloody time. They're already gossiping twenty to the dozen with all their contemporary women friends, and just want to do the same with ones they didn't even like enough to keep in touch with. For christ's sake, people should join it to get off with each other. Second chances, parents stopping something which could have lasted years and then being able to make up for it years later when they can't. But no, they put their names on and probably have absolutely no idea what to do if anyone actually contacts them. Yes, that's you I'm talking about you damn waste of space on a screen from Crouch End. Not that she could see as without replying she wouldn't know my sites. But I'd say it to her face if I ever could, people need to learn.

Otherwise little is expected to happen. My voluntary workload is very busy, but it's only what I do for research and have nothing else to do. But so many in one go. As my mother says I can work full time if I want to do it for nothing but when I want paying I get 2 hours a week. Luckily I pay the bills regardless but would remove a great social stigma if all this time I put in made some real money. I had a social stigma once but the wheels fell off. How long can you look at a screen before you or it goes blank? My mind does at times and then when thoughts return it's nearly all the same ones as before. No new input as so few people to provide it. So I write the same areas each day as there are only the same ones. I think two years ago the entries must have been a bit different but probably variations on a theme. But I am doing my best under the circumstances, give anyone my identical ones and see how they get on. It would be an interesting experiment.

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