Saturday, October 14, 2006


I've been micro-travelling recently, a word I actually had to make up to describe what I do. It involves going somewhere and looking in all the corners and hidden areas which most people pass every day and miss. You can travel thousands of miles and see the same shops and hotels wherever you go, but if you look around every road and path of local areas you'll find there's a heck of a lot more than what you realised, the difference between driving along a road and walking along it.
It's been a real week for a change. I had the odd dip in energy (ie almost dying but only temporarily) but got more done than I had for a long while. It was a great relief I saw I can do it all again as I really need to get back in the system if and when I need to. Mainly girlfriend related, though an understanding girlfriend would cover that as well. Little else besides hosting my 4th quiz tomorrow, I wonder how the questions will go down, ie will anyone know the answers? By 4 goes I run out of easier ones and try not to be too obscure, but not crack and do easy ones instead which anyone can do. The phone turned out to be mine only, and they won't be here for days. Utter wankers. I was told I'd be credited and I bleeding well hope so.

Nothing more ahead, haircut on the close horizon, maybe followed by an eye test (in separate location, pity the same person can't do both) and god forbid a tooth checkup. We all need the same maintenance but I've reached the point where I'd be the savage castaway on a desert island and look the part. Who damn well cares? I still bath and wash my hair, the rest can go hang really but I'd lose my dentist at least if I did that in reality (new rules you see, didn't need to go in the past). I can see OK and my hair looks fine except to my grandma so I still have to follow the orders or I really get a hard time.

I thought I'd let the squirrel do the rest of the talking, as I follow the railway lines for my train picture group I see many little things worth taking as well. I'd passed this road many times but never stopped to look.

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