Monday, October 16, 2006

Work, play and cack

The gym was closed today for a week, so I started the last parts of my coursework. Within 3 hours I'd written the final 1500 words and sent it off, so another day has been used and not in a silly way for a change. If I'd gone out I'd maybe have a few new pairs of trousers (hardly urgent) but no coursework, and I've just had this year's course approved which involves no writing!
Of course they all cost an arm and a leg but they are professional expenses and unavoidable. The rest of the week is currently free besides a few appointments, and whatever plans I have may or may not get done, though a little trip to Finchley Road to complete my visual tour is hopefully the first. My lost love (never found actually) has not replied and I think that's in the bin there, besides my follow up in a couple of weeks. She's even less likely to reply to that but it'll give her something to think about. She must have thought I was a right wanker back then otherwise she would have replied.

Besides that it's an open book. I have another email to send on my project which seems inspired until I get the results of it, I doubt the subject is reading now but just in case I will say no more for now. The other jobs which have been put off are now free to begin, one by one they should happen now as the time is right. I feel like taking a register for who reads this as I've only had one comment in over a month. Some stats tell you who reads from where but mine are complex and vague at the same time. Unless it's been upgraded the number and country is the best it gets, though the number is vague and hard to follow once you see how they get to it. I can't see it including page turns as each page here covers a long time. Unless some of you save me the trouble and check in.

I carry on like a runaway car, hoping I make a soft landing and don't end up in a tree or a river. I think I've got the technique of acceptance pretty well done, I expect little and have little means to aim things anywhere besides where they want to go already. Big deal, if it applies to me it applies to all of us, I was just the one left with all the brains and little else.


Anonymous said...

Since you asked I'll check in. I'm still here and reading everyday. Somedays it is hard to find the energy to do anything especially when each day seems to be a repeat of the one before.

David said...

Glad you're around Sharon, though I thought your life had more variety now. Hang in there.