Friday, October 13, 2006

A bit of everything negative

I wasn't going to do this tonight, it has been a busy couple of days but hardly worthy of a report. But I've got some free time, and this was the next site on my list. The good news (honestly, even I find it sometimes) is the duties were carried out this week three days in a row and I managed them. Hard at times, tired afterwards, but my required tasks were completed without a squeak and proves I can gradually return to life sooner or later. Not that I hadn't before, as when I couldn't go out much I did far more staying in. But there are a few things I need out there so have to be capable again. Just another phase of my life, and will hopefully move on.
Tomorrow is my day off this week, I may take some pictures and otherwise expect it'll be an internet day, though I have a little errand I should do locally. I admit I've given up all ideas of fame from the internet. Youtube features a few from millions of members, and blogs are rarely quoted in the media, as many as lottery tickets are picked out.

So I do it for the few readers (maybe they are many but very quiet ones), and so far life has been linear for a few years, starting in manure and continuing towards the whole heap. Not a diversion into the clean line (as they say in rally driving) but pointing in a direction that seems inevitable and exclusive. I know there are alternatives, at any time I could shift to another direction towards heaven (in comparison) but my current female friend (literally, more's the pity) is so unavailable her time is given in tiny packages online, by phone and once a year in person. It's not all her fault, her situation prevents much more at the moment but it's such a waste of potential. We'll be pensioners before we can get it together but I can hardly see me meeting anyone else by then the way things are going. So I follow railway lines with my camera and take pictures of passing buses on the way. Like that could make a living for anyone. But we all need some activities and those are the best available.

People are beginning to worry about my health. Stress can make you tired, so can cancer. I have no idea, except cancer is usually progressive and my tiredness is pretty consistent. If I want I can go for a blood test. I don't want. If there was anything wrong with it I doubt much could be done so why bother? I have a few medical interests and if there was anything physical it would be unlikely to be trivial so why look? And I had it 12 years ago and it went so there is a precedent, and the tests were taken then and nothing was found. Maybe a total coincidence and not relevant to now, but I will be a wimp and look the other way. And there are gaps in the problems, the consistency is the frequency of attacks rather than duration. Having help with everyday activities would be the best treatment and there's precious little of that. But people shouldn't panic about my health, wait till it happens to them and they can panic about it, I can panic about my own enough for everyone else. Meanwhile our local phone network has been down 2 days and counting. I have had to call people on my mobile and there's no way I'll get a penny of that back. Bastards.

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