Sunday, October 22, 2006

Have you been?

Totally irrelevant title, but one of my favourites. Well I have been to Marks and Spencers, on a mission where my grandparents (now in singular) pay me every so often to buy some 'decent clothes'. If they go with me it helps, otherwise what I consider decent may vary drastically as this purchase probably will, but who cares. I like them. I now have time to work my way through the usual ordeals which besides the dentist used to be easy, it's so boring it's the stuff most blogs are made of, and can't be left out for that's all there is to report. The gym was closed for a week and whether I have more energy not going is probably a coincidence. I'll see tomorrow when it opens again. Otherwise I am challenging myself to slip into a relevant subject beyond a few lines reporting the trivia of the last day or so.

Next week I will be writing the second and final email to the bloody witch who hasn't replied to the first one. Some things really wind me up, lying government policies to rip us off in the name of saving the planet (yes, that really convinces anyone with a three figure IQ that emptying the bins every two weeks will make us a cleaner country...), inaccurate newspaper reporting and people ignoring communications. No excuse for any of them, all either dishonest, stupid or bloody inconsiderate. No shortage of that and you can never teach by example. Thank God people are seeing through a few of them, and our immigration policy has finally been questioned along with muslim veils which a great writer described as 'death out for a walk'. They frighten me every time I see them as well. Just like a nightmare. I also emailed woman one on my system hoping to deepen the potential relationship in various ways. Woman two let slip she didn't realise I was interested in her despite sending compliments that would be considered incestuous if to a female relative but as usual when not spelled out in capitals, went straight over her head. Next time it'll be capitals. Platonic female friends are the exception to my rule.

They've just had another huge article about Youtube on the Mail on Sunday, how a journalist got her videos mentioned worldwide, but only by pretending to be a celebrity. Maybe if I pretend to be David Baddiel or Ben Elton with a poor camera some idiot may fall for it. Like people seen by billions would need to go on youtube (except Uri Geller who has). These are the cheating ways to go on, like the Open University of you fail your A levels. Notmally education and fame come about the official and hard way, and I am at least on step one with many more to go. But each step is smaller as you go up one as fame feeds on itself. I've had a need all my life to entertain and share what I do, and that has to be fed somehow. Having been disappointed by many other things I no longer naively expect happiness to come from anything besides major psychic powers but realistically you should never imagine how anything will make you feel until it happens. Total waste of energy to. So I push and poke in the little ways I can, with no more than intuition and the minimum of feedback in each area until maybe one more piece falls into place. I know which one I want the most and it may be possible, but still see many obstacles to it. But like trying to mark your own exams, I don't know what other people want so shouldn't try and guess what will or won't put them off. Certainly not my huge cock anyway (acknowledgements to Ben Elton for that one).

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