Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Neasden day

Variations on a theme? Well what can I do? I suspect blogging is already becoming worn out, and everyone's moving to youtube. Not that I get many hits there but I started off here with 50 per day and now it's down to 20, and besides the hard core bloggers most have given up long ago. And the hard cores have (like mine) mainly become parodies and stereotypes of themselves and the readers have probably heard it all before.
So after a fascinating trip to Neasden, going to the Welsh Harp park the opposite side for only the third or fourth time in my life, found it was just as scenic as the other side albeit totally manicured.

Otherwise I have found two major conclusions about my life. One is I needn't aspire to any more at 46, I have done all I have to and everything remaining to do is trivial. Secondly because of that nothing I do is wrong as I am on a foundation of completeness. So whatever I do or don't do from now on is right, work or not. However it hasn't made me feel any better though the negative thoughts have to go as there's no reason for any guilt now. If I piss around taking pictures of parks or take the train to Aberdeen (which I won't) it's just the same. But it doesn't stop it becoming boring or oppressive at times. That's another issue and I suppose I'll have that to work on now having dealt with the acquired guilt from 'conventional' people.

My grandma is about to see my new trousers (and imagine the second green version) and like the old farts on strictly come dancing hold up her scorecard. I reckon about 6/10. They do look like jeans but are soft and come in solid colours, but she will probably say 'jeans'. Big deal. It's Pringle and Burberry tops next so she can pick holes in them. I could never afford them but if given the money that is what I will get. Following tasks include all those mentioned already, the photos were for pleasure and this is the final week before the clocks go back so have to use the light while I can. Over 600 photos in 11 months on the new camera which isn't bad plus 25 videos online. Tomorrow's lot will be Hendon and possibly Colindale and Mill Hill. But if I didn't do it my photographic career would be wasted. And no real alternative. When the weather deteriorates than all the exciting household jobs will be waiting, and maybe before I retire I'll get a plumber as the leaks are spreading. I hope something will break the current monotony, when the highlight is a comment on a photo I know things have become very low indeed...

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